Working in the building, the roof is on!

Bezig bij de bouw, het dak zit erop!
It is two months since I gave you an update of the construction of my home, it is high time for an update because Meanwhile the outside of the House for almost all the way off! For my feeling is all very fast and is moving ever closer.

Claims construction

Bezig bij de bouw, het dak zit erop!Bezig bij de bouw, het dak zit erop!Bezig bij de bouw, het dak zit erop!Bezig bij de bouw, het dak zit erop!

It is so far, the roof is on! All homes are built with masonry and to the top of the window frames of the floors. These are hopefully the last photographs showing the scaffolding. Once the Windows are in it and the houses and wind-and waterproof, the inside turn. Unfortunately the me yet managed to make a photo right from the front to the front, the bad luck is that exactly for my house all kinds of building supplies and devices. I can’t wait until I can spy for fence instead of behind it. In what will soon be the Hall is, is already a set of stairs, very great, because that means that I soon will be allowed to look inside, but first there are some interior walls and should it be safe to go to. Like it now for the construction workers no matter whether it’s safe, I would so love to watch! How things stand, the houses will be delivered in mid-June. That’s about three months, I am so looking forward. I’ve been busy with preparing, I’m trying to clean up and try everything I’m going to take not to sell through marketplace. Maybe it’s a little too early, but I would prefer to start with packing moving boxes. Although I really have to get in my new Palace to live, I do see very much against the move itself.

Additional work and the floor

Bezig bij de bouw, het dak zit erop!Bezig bij de bouw, het dak zit erop!Bezig bij de bouw, het dak zit erop!

I had the latter more-less work discussion. Everything must be clear before they go further. Everything is different from the original is coloured pink. I am most happy with my choice for an extension and merging two smaller bedrooms into one large space. I’m curious what it will be like to walk around in the House, I know the only of these maps. On the ground floor is floor heating in the living room and kitchen, from the beginning I am already working on the choice for a floor that is suitable for there. Or pvc floorings, tiles, cast floors marmoleum and until I have everything reviewed and considered. Most likely I choose for the tile you see above. It is a floor that looks like laminate flooring, but than of stone. I knew right though that I wanted to choose for a light, white floor, this comes closest to my wishes. In between comes a as thin possible add, that when it comes to color almost equal to the floor itself, making it hopefully is going to be a very quiet whole. Almost everything is fixed now, the only thing I have to do is the choice for the kitchen make, finally it comes especially to color the faceplates, and what I want to with the walls. I prefer to watch everything right tight stucen, this is not recommended for new construction because there is risk of cracks, but I must also think of to first a year against bare concrete. I really don’t know what I want to with it and make me there quite a bit. Hopefully I can find a good solution or it falls very along with the moisture in the walls. I hope that I myself and you may rejoice again soon with a new construction update, but then from the inside: D

Click here to follow the construction from the beginning.

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