Wishlist for 2015

Wishlist voor 2015
Last I made a list of things I still would like to have for your home this year, I hope to purchase. That goes from small things such as a passepartout for my Sun poster to bigger and more expensive things like a new tv. I thought it would be nice to this wishlist to share with you.

Wishlist voor 2015Still high on my wish list are these two posters by Jenny Liz Rome. Six months ago on my wishlist and in the meantime I’m still nothing more exciting. Therefore, I would like to buy this year. If I still like them after all this time, then it’s meant to be! I did buy there is now a different place for figured out. The only tricky is that the size in inches, which I can find no appropriate lists. If you have a tip for here, then I’m eternally grateful! (A list customized is very expensive).

Wishlist voor 2015All times I am looking for a nice oblong dressing for in the Hall, nice colored with pink and red and with a cool design. Such a old fashioned Persian carpet or a kelim rug. I hope I run into this year finally will run in the cycle. Or maybe I can find a nice dressing online. It’s really hard to find something with the right size and the right colors. Often there is blue through it and I think that is the ugliest color on Earth. (Sorry if your favourite colour is blue!)

Wishlist voor 2015After two years I still have no fruit bowl at home, so it is about time. I try some more fruit to eat and now everything is becoming loose on my sideboard. At a press presentation last year I saw this nice one. This is going to be him! I like it that you can see the fruit and the shape of the threads I think super. He is of PT and is also in the soft pink for sale. Anyway I go for white, because I find that something more timeless.

Wishlist voor 2015In the same press presentation I fell in love with this end table: Mellow of Leitmotiv, upon seeing the tapered legs with a golden foot I was already to. But then that sheet, there is a motif in engraved. Something I haven’t seen before. I would like to drop the table next to the couch, so I put some extra things on. Also, I have, when there is a lot to visit, be little place for cups and cakes on the side tables that I already have. I don’t know what it is with round tables, but I find them éénig.

Wishlist voor 2015It is not necessarily needed, but I’d really like a new television want. I should really save this year. The tv I have now has a very thick border that also glossy black. I would like a slightly larger screen with a thin and, above all, white border. That such a hip tv can best on a retro box let the right picture. I would like a smart tv so that I can take on programs and series and movies can stream via the laptop. I don’t think I would use the Internet as quickly on the tv, but it can! Everything is possible! Farmer wants wife, twitter comments next to it, I mean.

Wishlist voor 2015Now I have my big plant death created, I’d like a new one. The place at home is far from ideal for a plant, because there is no direct sunlight. Maybe I should go for a cactus, which are not dead, I’m told. But I think they are not nearly as nice as a regular plant. Yet even some advice questions at a Garden Centre.

Wishlist voor 2015On my bed I would like a bed-spreads like. Preferably one with such a beautiful knit, since I’ve already seen, but that’s beautiful plaids are not big enough for over the bed. I find it beautiful as a range well over your bed, not that there is only a few centimeters on the sides. I find such a extra layer at the end of the bed very nice and cosy. The bedspread, I haven’t come across, but I’ll keep looking. (Which is on the left hand side picture is exactly what I’m looking for, from the H & M, but too small, aaarrghh).

Wishlist voor 2015For on top of a closet I search a nice trunk, which I then want to white paints. Here you should really have luck with it in the cycle, but I’ll keep my eyes open and I try to find one on marketplace that are not ridiculously expensive. Beside that it is convenient because of the storage space, I think it is just very cool.

Wishlist voor 2015Also I wanted to for a long time this beautiful double-walled glasses from Bodum. I always like to put something on my to-do list that I’ve already done, so on this wishlist wanted to have something I like and also have already purchased this year;) I find it so beautiful as you can see what’s in a glass, layers of coffee, fine tea, hot chocolate with whipped cream. At coffee shops, I think it is beautiful and like it so delicious, if a small bowl. So I wanted to present them. I found this glass always too expensive, but now I saw them with more than 40% discount on bol.com and I threw them in my digital cart. And beautiful they are.

You also create wish lists for your interior? What’s on your list this year?

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