Winter Garden

Outside it is becoming colder and I believe it takes not even long before it really going to freeze. With the cold, it is of course extra nice to sit inside, but also outside, you can create a warm atmosphere in the winter. For example, the garden or balcony you a place where you still want to spend some time.

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WintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinWintertuinI have to say that I am no longer on my balcony with these temperatures, but if I have the above pictures see is Tickle. Through your garden or balcony to decorating with lanterns, warm blankets and lights or candles give you a warmer atmosphere to the garden. All good is it with a fire pit or fire or a patio heater. Then you don’t need to suffer cold if you want to enjoy your winter garden or balcony!

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