Ways to cards to hang

Manieren om kaarten op te hangen
I have quite a large collection of maps, some I set exhibited in a kaartenrek. The rest is usually waiting in a drawer until I decide to change my kaartenrek. I like cards and they may be seen, I leave you different ways to hang on to see cards for inspiration.

Manieren om kaarten op te hangenManieren om kaarten op te hangenHorizontal and vertical: combine cards horizontally and vertically oriented, hang them in a row on. Make sure there is about as much space is between the cards and that they are at the top and bottom right run for the most beautiful effect.

Manieren om kaarten op te hangenLong jump: just take horizontal or vertical cards and let them light from each other long jump.

Manieren om kaarten op te hangenRow Manieren om kaarten op te hangen : hang a number of cards in a straight row under each other. Make sure that they run parallel to each other.

Manieren om kaarten op te hangenManieren om kaarten op te hangenThe corner: do you have space left in a corner of the room? Use this angle than to your collection cards in a special way to hang with your cards, by the corner to go.

Manieren om kaarten op te hangenMill: start by creating a ‘ mill ‘ in the Middle, by two vertical and two horizontal cards. Finish it off with two extra upright cards that you cant with it.

Manieren om kaarten op te hangenLoosely: hang your cards on without too much thought, combine horizontal and vertical and different formats, so you get a whole loosely. In this way it doesn’t matter much how much space there is between the cards, if the cards but somewhat together.

I see cards as small, affordable works of art, with which you can decorate to your heart’s content. Whether you are single, a couple or a whole collage on the wall, is up to you. There are so many other ways, you can build on these ideas by more or less cards. A straight row may also be an oblique row if you can get the cards in a shape like a square.

General tips: I have all cards hung with paper paste this tape washitape, fine, but not so much so that you have your walls or wallpaper with it damaged. This tape is easy to remove and is available in all kinds of colors and prints. You can let the tape in sight, or double fold and paste on the back of the cards. It is nice if you have a color combination persists, for example black/white or colorful, or enter a specific theme by in the cards you used such as flowers, hearts or text. Make sure the space between the cards is roughly equal.

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