Trend colours for 2014

Trendkleuren voor 2014
Akzo Nobel predicts trends and colours. For next year they have colors captured in five trends, from light grey tones and pastels to eye-catching bright colors. The trend color for 2014 is teal. Look further for all trend colors for the upcoming year.

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Trendkleuren voor 2014Teal is the trend color for 2014. Teal is a combination of green and blue shades and can combine well with wood, pinks and yellow ochre. In addition to the trend color five color palettes:

  1. Silent revolution
  2. Margin or proof
  3. Urban folk
  4. Secret garden
  5. Do it now!

 Silent revolution

Trendkleuren voor 2014Trendkleuren voor 2014The palette of Silent Revolution consists of subtle colours and exudes simplicity. A combination of different white and natural tones. They give a calming, muted effect. In combination with natural materials that effect is strengthened. The are no cool shades of white, but shades of white with a warm undertone. The deeper colors from this palette are understated and slightly weathered.

Rationale:Shifting the extroverted to introverted personality and the shift to thoughtful and understated design. No longer want to have increasingly more aware, but ask yourself what you need. Go back to yourself instead of group processes.
Combine with: natural materials and textures.

Margin or proof

Trendkleuren voor 2014Trendkleuren voor 2014The palette of Margin or Proof has a ‘ male ‘ appearance and consists of natural tones and powerful accent colors like emerald green. The colors scarlet, ochre yellow and deep turquoise are a mature alternative to the primary colors red, yellow and blue. This palette will show an architectural and graphic look.

Rationale:The speed of life. The pressure to make the best out of yourself and to keep balance between work and family, a way to deal with this is by keeping track of everything, give guidance figures. Analyzing results and goal setting is passed to the personal life of business.
Combine with: dark wood, marble, Cork and concrete.

Urban folk

Trendkleuren voor 2014Trendkleuren voor 2014The palette of Urban Folk is consists of rich and warm tones. The palette translates the family feeling and tradition. They are lively, friendly colours. A combination of tones from the same family such as Eggplant and bordeaux forms a harmonious whole. In combination with a contrasting colour such as yellow ochre you can give a personal touch to the color palette. This is a trend that goes back to earlier but in a modern way.

In uncertain times, we focus on what we know and understand. Traditions and sense of community. During the industrial growth there is a flight to the city, where more and more people now by coming back looking for a better balance. The present is enriched through the past.
Combine with: silk and fabrics.

Secret garden

Trendkleuren voor 2014Trendkleuren voor 2014The palette of Secret Garden consists of soft lilac, grey and green tones. Light pastels that romantic and mysterious at the same time. This is a feminine color palette with smoky shades that are perfect for creating tonal combinations. A tar and fine color palette.

the magic and mystery of the beginning of dawn or dusk. This trend examines the idea that you the fleeting and ephemeral present, hardly can capture in one way or another. The feeling of temporality.
Combine with: subtiele, semi-transparent materials such as voile, lace and focusing screen.

Do it now!

Trendkleuren voor 2014Trendkleuren voor 2014The palette of Do it now! consists of a colourful mix of bright colors. A combination of all kinds of shades of blue, bright yellow, bright orange, lime green, purple and hard. Energetic colors with which everything can, cursing, contrast, combine and mix.

this lavish color trend is based on the idea that you can also tackle just anything, just because you feel like it. Do first and then think about it. No long-term projects, but something that you want to change.
Combine with: plywood.

What’s your favorite color palette for 2014?

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