This was my 2015

Dit was mijn 2015
At the end of last year, I looked forward to 2015, which almost comes to an end. It seems as though the time is ticking faster every year, especially the last months are just suddenly over. So is it possible that I now may looks back on this year and can look forward to 2016. Last year I was hoping on some more luck in 2015. I can say with a smile that this is definitely the case was and it makes me even more curious to what 2016 will bring me!

I’m going to tell anything about my blog, but about myself.

The past year was a year with few lows, for which I am very grateful. 2014 was not a fun year, 2015 made everything good! This year there are things going on which I do not thought possible (Richard, I just bought a house!), that I had in advance never could figure out a way that’s a crazy thought, what I find, because who knows what could happen next year where I know of have? That somewhere is quite scary, but also very beautiful. If you are not going to think about it too long then, where I then again very good at am. My motto for 2016 is a nice play on words by poet Merel Mahar, which I’ve discovered this year:

Head out. Heart to.

The year of self acceptance. I want to stop over-analyzing, with things in my head more difficult than they really are, with doubt about decisions, with weigh and compare everything. Not only in terms of decisions but also to myself not more comparable to-or adapt to others. I learn to know myself and touch more satisfied with who I am. I want to try to get my feeling more to follow, I have this year experienced that this very good can grab it. I’m going to try to get more uninhibited in life. Trying out new things, learn new things, experience more, do what my heart enter me. I always have a secure life led, by certain events to enjoy, I never really dared to take risks, me somewhere just to collapse. Afraid to hurt, it’s not good to do in the eyes of others. A careful life. This year I did it all a little different and that made me a more fun and above all more positive man.
Head out. Heart to. When I first saw those words they did something with me and I have them remember. This is my ‘ good intention ‘ for next year and maybe (hopefully) for the rest of my life.

The year of me my dream job. In February began my work after a few months of preparation really, the first few hundred residents came in in the azc. Now we sit above the thousand residents. I have a huge growth made in my work, everything was new to me, now I feel like a fish in water. In this work, you won’t stop learning, there are always new situations. I have never before had the feeling that I was in a job on my place, usually I had it after a year though. I found my work fun, but my heart was not in it. Last year I got no permanent position in the care of the disabled, where I was very sad about it, but in retrospect, this is the best what has happened to me. Since I joined the COA work I’m going with pleasure in my work and I feel like I have found something that really suits me. I’m happier and my work gives me a lot of satisfaction. Could this finally be what I later want?

The year I bought my dream home. For the first time I went to work full time, with a higher income and without the right on charges I began thinking about buying a home. I started clicking around on funda and carried out more for the joke, then for the real, calls at mortgage lenders to see if it was possible on 1 wage. Then I would really be able to watch when I would get a permanent position. That ran something else when it turned out that I with an employers ‘ statement also could buy and there a great new construction project came over. I followed my heart (look, that motto is so good!) and took the step. In 2016, so around the summer I will move to my first own home. A rental apartment on four high behind in the ghetto to a new housing development! It is crazy that I will be about the same as now have monthly costs in a crabbed old flat. I’m f * ing pride that I can on my own and daring. It is very very scary that I now really ‘ stuck ‘ to this home? Yes. It is exciting or I at this job or get a permanent contract, which now seem to be so rare? Yes. I see that I am now and again or happy? YES!

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