Things I do/don’t go missing to this House

Dingen die ik wel/niet ga missen aan dit huis
With a move in sight you go think about where you’ve lived. It is just a fact and do you think there not so about it. Little by little, I say goodbye to this apartment, where I’ve lived about three years. And I do so with great pleasure, because even though this home best pleasant living, there are many things where I me all these years to have annoyed. I tell you the things that I’m going to miss to this House, and which are not, with a brand new house in the offing.

Things I do/don’t go missing to …

The living on a floor:

The view, I have a wonderful open views. I look forward on a hiking trail where people their dogs exhausts, a channel and pastures. In summer a lot of boats, which is nice to see, I get there is always an ultimate summer feeling of. The sunsets are breathtaking. I look out on treetops, I find a nice, it gives me a sense of freedom and security. I’m not going to miss that I’m down in the parking lot and then remember that I forgot to take my mobile, leaving me in the elevator or the stairs four floors up. Or that I am in front of my by and remember that my mobile is still in the car. Well it is always my phone that I forget.

Dingen die ik wel/niet ga missen aan dit huis

Living in this neighborhood:

I live on the outskirts of the city and not exactly near the city center, but close to a mini Mall where I can find what I need, with the bike, I am so. Also a service station and roads are nearby. Some apartment dwellers and the Concierge I come regularly against, after so many times saying ‘ Hi ‘ and short conversations in the elevator, it is just as if you know them. What I’m not going to miss the rest of the neighborhood. I live in the part of town that is not really well known, let’s call it a beauty area, because that sounds more friendly than ‘ slum ‘. I make here sometimes weird things with it, people who have their dog in a bath robe and the police is also here with some regularity. In the summer I can enjoy barbecues and parties with beautiful music where the entire neighborhood or is allowed.

The neighbours:

Who my neighbors are, actually I don’t have a clue, except that there is not an old granny lives next to me who likes cats. What I’m going to miss are the neighbors somewhere above with a-so I suggest for me-old Frisian wall clock. That my parents have at home as well and as a child I counted like the bells when I lay in bed, by those neighbors I can now even, a little youth sentiment. In any case, I find the sounds of someone to the vacuuming out out is or a spinning washing machine best pleasant, the idea that there is life around you, I guess. Neighbors who I’m not going to miss are the neighbors who drill holes at midnight, that weed smoking in the elevator or let their dog elevator’s in the crotch. The elevator is actually called the greatest annoyance that I have! Also I’m not going to miss the upstairs neighbor, especially to her singing doctor. Or opera and scales to children’s songs, everything passes the revue, all day and with a very high voice. It is a treasure of a man, but I’m going crazy of her singing doctor, which she also until after 11 pm.

Dingen die ik wel/niet ga missen aan dit huis

This House itself:

What I will going to miss is that everything is on one level, I don’t need with a sleepy head down the stairs to breakfast and I pull the vacuum cleaner so the whole House. That will soon enough be different, climbing stairs it is. I now have the luxury of a small utility area, that s also called Miss! It’s fine to have a separate room for the freezer, vacuum cleaner and stock. In my new home I will have to lose everything in the kitchen or the stairs cupboard, which quite a lot smaller than my beloved small utility area. What I’m not going to miss is actually very much. So I’m not going to miss that the climate here is lousy, I stayed in winter and in the summer I get the heat the House. It blows in my kitchen and there is no window in the bedroom that I get open. But also that the previous occupants have made this House so dirty, three centimeter scale deposits in the shower, kitchen doors that I don’t dare to get rid of the oiliness and other intangibles. What I’m not going to miss is the bad light in this House, it is actually just not good, in the evening is the light in the kitchen, but in the living room I only in the morning sunlight, what the best a dark space. What will I enjoy Sun-filled days in my garden. What I really, really, really don’t go missing is the shower. It is so small that I permanently to runout with bruising looks looks because I always hit to all corners and especially the radiator button know me well. There is no window in the shower and the collector doesn’t really work, so should I take a shower with the door open. And that is fresh. The unsolicited Exchange showers that I can get near any shower I also called Miss, at an average shower session, I am easily 10 x under a Cold Jet or water. Fixed very healthy for my body and stuff, but no, rather not.

Dingen die ik wel/niet ga missen aan dit huis

Where I really looking forward look:

The involvement of a House that is new, where I am the first occupant or, in which everything is and remains untouched and clean yet. A home that I can classify themselves, in which I have determined how the kitchen will look like, that there be broken through walls, that it really is my home. That the House will be so wonderfully light through the Windows and the location, that I can go enjoy the Sun in my own garden, instead of that I must give way to the gardens of others (although that is very nice of course). A dishwasher in the kitchen, it’s really bad, but here I watch perhaps the most to it! No more lengthy hand wash, no more clutter on the kitchen counter where I have a guilt or get. People with pride in my house and especially the neighborhood, never asked ‘ do you feel safe here, evening? ‘. The cat can let free in the garden. I am so curious how Pip will respond to the free walk in a garden, between the plants, rummage on bird hunting. That I will soon be within biking distance of my work and sports live, slightly longer can sleep in and no car Windows more hoof to scratch (if I can convince myself to go cycling in the cold of course). And, above all, I can’t wait to get the new House soon, all the way to my own touch!

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