The table for Easter

De tafel dekken voor Pasen

There are few moments in the year I a table completely deck, but Easter is one of them. With simple things such as flowers, kitties branches, feathers and eggs make you look in a snap of a particular table. With a color theme do you turn the table a whole and beautiful napkins or tablecloths make it really up to something special.

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De tafel dekken voor PasenSimple white, with a color accent by a dyed egg and colored glass. Napkins folded like rabbit ears, a kittens twig and feather make this Easter table all the way off!

De tafel dekken voor PasenAn Easter table in black and white is modern, but no less festive. The glassware and white crockery and table linen make it a light whole. With blossom sprigs give you the table what is spring feeling with it.

De tafel dekken voor PasenPut down a decorated paastak in the middle of the table, so the table actually has little need to come in to the Easter atmosphere.

De tafel dekken voor PasenFor an Easter table with a natural touch do you use simple linen and natural materials and colours. Curl with a branch of a Hazel on table and tulips and kittens in vases on the table is a cosy whole.

De tafel dekken voor PasenTypical Easter colors with green and yellow. Make a big pile of different signs for an interesting texture. A chocolate Easter figure makes a nice appetizer!

De tafel dekken voor PasenA sculpture instead of a chocolate figure can also, fun for your guests to take home. With a stack of plates and a nice tablecloth is the table extra festive.

De tafel dekken voor PasenA funny idea: using small egg cartons as decoration on the table! Of course you can fill them with a nice boiled egg.

De tafel dekken voor PasenSimple but fun, a feather on a egg tied with wire. And a special egg spoon.

De tafel dekken voor PasenChoose a theme color and enter this in everything on the table.

De tafel dekken voor PasenStamp the first letter of the names on an egg, so is the layout plan click clear.

De tafel dekken voor PasenWith a color theme to create a chic set of your table. Table runners can stand nicely. Sprinkle some Easter eggs across the table in the same color.

De tafel dekken voor PasenDaffodils are typical spring bloomers and the yellow color matches well with Easter! I once saw someone on the internet that they ‘ Suns ‘ mentioned, now I have to keep on thinking in daffodils, to be happy! This table also shows that you actually need little more than what beautiful flowers.

De tafel dekken voor PasenWith a cute chocolate Easter Bunny in the middle of the signs to create a snap of an ordinary set table an Easter table.

De tafel dekken voor PasenA simple table, but those funny rabbits napkins betrayed yet that this is a tightly covered Easter dinner.

De tafel dekken voor PasenI find wooden cutting boards or bread shelves are always so much fun! This is not necessarily an Easter table, but I wanted to give you the idea not remembered.

De tafel dekken voor PasenNice decorate idea: use feathers as decorations in the paastak and paint the eggs in a modern black and white jacket.

De tafel dekken voor PasenIf you can find tableware with an Easter figure on top I would go for it, so nice this sign with a tenderloin. With graphic patterns make you something special from the table.

De tafel dekken voor PasenBeautiful such a large feather as decoration, you make it off with a bow and a bottle to drink instead of a glass.

De tafel dekken voor PasenI like a little pink as you can, bring some color with subtle colored napkins and flowers. This egg cups, which I believe I also just tealight holders are a nice idea, filled with what Earth and garden Cress a creative egg shell.

Any more ideas to cover the Easter table? Please click here.

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