Sell on marketplace, tips or an addict

Verkopen op Marktplaats, tips van een verslaafde
By Funda addict I am turned into a true marketplace addict. I sold there successfully several lamps, ward robes, dining table, side tables, books and a sofa set. Especially larger stuff so find a new home. Now, I am Nice behind how you can sell things quickly. This is in the text, photos and of course the contact with buyers. Whether you’re selling something big or small, this is according to me the best way.

Why sell on marketplace?

Market place is known by everyone and very used the Netherlands. You reached there more potential buyers than for example in a regional Facebook group. You run your own ‘ webshop ‘, without trouble. Clean up is no one’s favorite activity, but if you get for your money is suddenly become a lot less annoying stuff sided:) I also like very much the personal contact with buyers. I find it fun to see who my stuff get a second life and what they do with it. As the girl who went to study in Groningen and for her room my sideboard bought. She was just as excited about it as I when I bought him the first piece of furniture for my previous home. A family that a wardrobe for their son on came ‘ we make a family outing or ‘ and how happy the child with it was. But also the dubious copper with of that my retro wardrobe ‘ really not by going to sell, though ‘. You get all sorts of people, from all kinds of backgrounds to your House and I find that beautiful.

Photos in the ad

I take as an example a closet. Take pictures in daylight, take several pictures so you the closet from all sides can show. Only a photo of the front is not enough. People should make every effort to to you to drive and the Cabinet to carry so make sure they know where they come. Take photos of the side so that they can assess the depth and not forget the inside. Take photos or details or, for example, the keyhole with key features such as beautiful or funny doorknob may close up. Is there any damage on your closet or something is not complete, make here a picture of it. You might find a scratch very distracting, but someone who is looking for a cheaper Cabinet than in the store it doesn’t matter that much. It’s not nice to for unexpected surprises to come so please be honest and bring in also image defects.

Care for a quiet background. Make your closet clean before he goes on the picture and over the lying around On your photos environment. are no socks or toys. Extra fun is it when you have a little trouble doing for the photo and your sales where styled, make sure that the inside your closet no mess is, but lets just see how many people do not get extra storage space. The Cabinet in like you would do for a store.

Edit your photos after, give them the same size, rotate them when they are tilted and light them what in the unlikely event a loose sock on. next to your sales where? Cut the of your photo. A fine online photo editing program is Picmonkey.

Verkopen op Marktplaats, tips van een verslaafde

The ad text writing

Search on ‘ closet ‘ and you find thick 134000 ads. Differentiate yourself so with good pictures and a text where someone. So not only ‘ oak Cabinet, painted white ‘. Be extended, the more information you give the more likely that you have something sells!

The first sentences of your ad can be read under all search results on the home page, spent here so extra attention to. Tell as far as possible; what material the Cabinet is created, what dimensions (height, width and depth), possibly also the sizes of the inside. Describe as if there were no photos are, it is a closet with doors, drawers, shelves (how much?), the color, everything. Tell also about defects or damage, let people know what they are buying. What I like and others so also, read why you sell, making it personal. That you completely fell in love with this cabinet when you bought it, how you have him fixed up with paint and new by buttons and that you’ve had a lot of fun by 3 years, but that he is now not to leave because you are moving and you a built-in wardrobe in your new kitchen. And also if it is not, then you come up with some fun there. Don’t tell that you are bored with it or that something in the way, and then people low sacrifice. No, you sell your stuff with pain in your heart and hopes to get a good price for the suffering;)

Forget the title of your ad, use the space you have and put in keywords as much as possible. Not just ‘ closet ‘. But for example ‘ vintage chest of drawers, retro 60 ‘s, teak wood cabinet ‘. Please include a brand name if this is the case. So are your stuff previously found in the search results.

Sacrifice or a fixed price?

My experience is that a fixed price works better. If you put it on set, put people offer very low in. A good option is to allow bidding to set an asking price or “offer start from ‘. Create your asking price is slightly higher than the amount you end up also satisfied with it. On market place it is common to ask if some of the price off can, it’s like negotiating at a flea market. Give people a feel good about their purchase by a price reduction possible . But how do you determine the price? If you really do not know, then look on the product that you’re going to sell and see how many others there are about for questions. If you here something under sits down you are more likely that buyers for you choose. Are you trying to make not too high price, even though you know there might be new many paid for it. You sell it because you no longer want to have, so be happy with what you can get.

Contact and send or retrieve

Respond quickly on bids, it’s happened more than once that someone says me already provided with a late response. Question after if anyone is still interested before you address information gives. So it is more likely that someone will actually show up. Some people sacrifice but then never respond. Put what you’re selling ready in the Hall, near the door, so that someone not your House by need and not only watch someone. With me it’s always gone well but you never know. If you choose to send by post, keeps you expensive than informed, let know when you’ve done it on the post. It’s fine if you can offer to send via Kiala or DHL, sending via these channels is less expensive than parcel post or Postnl. It saves a few dollars, but can a buyer on the stripe. Make sure you get the payment in your account before making your package shipping.

This is not an ad, I think it’s just really wonderful to use marketplace to sell things to browse and to buy something, and like to share my experiences and tips! Also like to do some more extensive writing. Hopefully you have something:)

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