Quick Stylingtip: tile stickers

Snelle Stylingtip: tegelstickers
In quick Styling tips I share simple tips which you can achieve a great effect with a small change. Tiles with a pattern I like very much, if I could choose I would this certainly in the kitchen. But with a standard kitchen in a rented house or not, right? I bought tile stickers with which I got the effect of pattern tiles.

Snelle Stylingtip: tegelstickersThis tile stickers I bought at Xenos. You can buy a set of eight stickers for € 2.99. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns. I chose this pattern because he fits well with the robe that I have lying around in the kitchen, also is there is already a small edge with a beige colour in the tiles.
Snelle Stylingtip: tegelstickers Snelle Stylingtip: tegelstickers Before and after. The stickers were quite easy to paste, you’re making the tiles clean, spray them wet and paste the sticker itself fixed. You can still shift and pick up again if it’s not seated properly. Then you go there with a tractor over to the water behind the sticker to push away. Even drying and ready! You can create a border with the stickers, but I didn’t want to bother them in the kitchen. Therefore chose to make a square is the place where I have my detergent and such. Snelle Stylingtip: tegelstickers Snelle Stylingtip: tegelstickers Snelle Stylingtip: tegelstickers To make your stay even more a whole out of it I put the dish soap, handcream and a nail brush on a small porselienen that Kingston upon Hull. This I bought at Hema. With tile stickers you can for a few euro the kitchen (or bathroom) look completely different show! I am very happy with the result.Snelle Stylingtip: tegelstickersSnelle Stylingtip: tegelstickers

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