Quick Stylingtip: label stock pots

Snelle Stylingtip: voorraadpotten labelen
In quick Styling tips I share simple tips which you can achieve a great effect with a small change. By labeling glass jars can you stock food store in a fun way. So in a glass jar it looks a lot more fun than in the cardboard packaging. By labeling inventory you still add something extra to pots.

Snelle Stylingtip: voorraadpotten labelenYou will need: glass stock pots (these are from Ikea), krijtlabels and chalk pens. Chalk pens you can find at the bookstore.

Snelle Stylingtip: voorraadpotten labelenSnelle Stylingtip: voorraadpotten labelen Write or draw on the chalk is the content of the label storage pot, which I also think is useful to the cooking time of pasta and rice to write on the label. After filling the jars I throw the packaging away so you can search the cooking time otherwise no more back. Let the chalk felt-tip pen to dry properly and then stick the label on the jar.

Snelle Stylingtip: voorraadpotten labelenSnelle Stylingtip: voorraadpotten labelenI can now see at a glance if I have sufficient rice and pasta at home. I find glass jars a lot more fun than the cardboard packaging where the rice and the like originally in it. Even more inspiration for glass stock pots in the kitchen? Please click here.
Snelle Stylingtip: voorraadpotten labelen

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