Quick Stylingtip: keep toilet rolls

Snelle Stylingtip: toiletrollen bewaren
Today I introduce a new category on Éénig living area: Quick Styling tips. In the survey of last I suggested some new ideas for, including Quick Styling tips, almost 100% seemed nice to read about this. In quick Styling tips I share simple tips which you can achieve a great effect with a small change. These will be affordable and easy executable ideas, with which you can give to your interior and a different appearance to items in your home. A kind of mini DIY’s staff, which you can fit in your own home, with before and after pictures. Today a tip for the smallest room in the House.

Snelle Stylingtip: toiletrollen bewarenThe toilet is not the first space in House I to think to a nice decoration, but also count the details here! I was the practical, but not really special toilet roll holder more than sat. That’s gotta be otherwise? I bought a basket that fits the rest of my toilet (with a hint grey) and keep the toilet rolls now no longer on a pile on a dull stick, but loose in a nice basket.

Snelle Stylingtip: toiletrollen bewarenSnelle Stylingtip: toiletrollen bewarenTadaa! The basket is much nicer than the well-known toilet paper holder. You can still easily a new toilet roll, but it is much more fun, if I may say so myself:) You can use your toilet rolls to save anything, just what you prefer. An open basket, a basket with a lid or a nice storage box maybe? Also try to think, my basket is actually referred to as flower pot!

Snelle Stylingtip: toiletrollen bewarenSnelle Stylingtip: toiletrollen bewarenGuests cloth: Hema, basket: Ikea Rågkorn (officially a flowerpot).

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