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Snelle Stylingtip: stopcontact verbergen
In quick Styling tips I share simple tips which you can achieve a great effect with a small change. I annoyed me to the sockets in the kitchen, whose input in the eye jumps. With the most simple action ever I hid them completely. Tray sure and ready!

Snelle Stylingtip: stopcontact verbergenSnelle Stylingtip: stopcontact verbergenThe kitchen is in any case an annoyance for me. All those tubes and the terrible color of the cabinets and the counter top, so I’m trying to improve it where I can. There was only one socket in the kitchen, I do not know how it is with you, but I do need something more! My brother made a block for four additional plugs on, very useful! But not as nice. I also annoyed me to the black plug, who invents that, a black plug to a white device? I was looking for a way to make it less on dropping. The large tray stood for decoration on a ledge in in the bedroom and I came up with me he was big enough to hide the power strips. No sooner said than done, most simple change ever, but it gives a very different sight to the otherwise restless and messy plugs!

Snelle Stylingtip: stopcontact verbergenSnelle Stylingtip: stopcontact verbergenInstead of a tray you would also be able to opt for a large cutting board or bread Board, that will fit fun in the kitchen! I find it useful that this tray is very thin, making it cost me any extra space. Hetis so simple, but it looks a bit quieter. This tip might not be as useful for other rooms in the House where the electrical outlets are higher, so it made nothing for can post. But who knows, there are more people with this problem in the kitchen, so I wanted to share it anyway!

Snelle Stylingtip: stopcontact verbergenSnelle Stylingtip: stopcontact verbergen

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