Plant hangers

Plant hangers are back with a vengeance. Macramé used it at all, and as with all trends (copper, marble) also makes the plants pendant a comeback. You can buy them in the store, but the hangers are also easy to make yourself. Creative with plants!

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PlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersPlantenhangersJack your macramé plant hanger and knot your own skills. The great thing about macramé every pot is that you can use as a pendant, you tie the mesh bag on size of the pot. As a bonus, you can decorate the pendant with wooden beads. Create a eye catcher with one plant hanger, or go for an exuberant collection of pendants. It looks nice if the plant about the pot back, but there doesn’t necessarily a hanging plant in vetplantjes, or cacti also look super nice! Plant hangers you can hang anywhere in your home and give a playful effect.

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