Photo frame on the floor

Fotolijsten op de vloer
Photo frame usually hang on the wall, but on the floor they do it also very good! Listings on the floor is useful when you do not want to or may drill holes in the wall, or because you do not have to hang up from where they are. So pull you prints and paintings in a very different way the attention.

Photo frame on the floor

Fotolijsten op de vloerFotolijsten op de vloerIn my newly plastered and painted walls dare I still long to drill any holes that are not strictly necessary. Though I find it a waste to all my beautiful prints and posters as long as. That’s why I pulled out after a few weeks of their storage place and I put here and they deer down on the floor. The walls are all white, beautiful light but also a bit boring. The photo frame on the floor breaking the white a bit and of course give all prints also some more atmosphere.

Things add to your photo frame

Fotolijsten op de vloerFotolijsten op de vloerFotolijsten op de vloer Fotolijsten op de vloer You have multiple photo frame? Then you can overlap each other or next to each other in a row. It is nice if you have the same child or list all prints or photos, in my case a narrow black list. Although the prints all a very different style and subject, make the same tables into one. The colors used in the image are also the same, which makes this collection together.

Maybe you have other items you want to hang on the wall (yet), so I still had a mirror that great between the lists on the floor. Or go crazy and add other stuff, such as a large vase on the floor not in it does not fall. Any object that is reasonably flat can be a fun addition. So I found this metal scale when it comes to color nicely when the prints fit, to break the plane I added a magnet clip and some maps. You can do this with all kinds of items. Delicious sliders, adding things and taking away again until it’s to your liking.

1 list also gives effect!

Fotolijsten op de vloerFotolijsten op de vloerFotolijsten op de vloer When you have multiple frames can make them overlap each other playful or neat. But even (or right) with a single list on the floor you reach a cool effect. A list on the floor is very different than on the wall! For more inspiration view your my pinterest board on picture frames.

Advantages of photo frame on the floor

  • You don’t have to drill holes in the wall.
  • You can easily alternate: another list, new place, more or less lists. It’s a snap changed.
  • It is a creative way to get your photos, posters and paintings.
  • Beautiful with a collection of photo frames, but also if you list only one drop on the floor do you create this playful effect.
  • You can hide things with it, like ugly Sockets:

Fotolijsten op de vloer



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