Personal: I am looking for a new job

This is something very different than you’re used to Live on Éénig. I have here sometimes casually let it be known that I am looking for a job. I have here a time about it and about it doubted, but I should like to ask you for your help. My blog is being read (thanks) by more people than I have in my private network. It’s not smart to any use out of it; thousands of people. Who knows are you or do you know someone who could help me a step on the way.

Why I work search:

At my previous employer I worked for years, but because of cuts in the care could not be converted into my third year contract permanent employment. Many organizations are reluctant to adopt new personnel because of the cuts and the transfer of care responsibilities to municipalities next year. This makes finding a job very difficult.

Where I work search:

I am looking for a job near Hoogeveen, where I live. On the picture below you can see which locations within a radius of 40 km around Hoogeveen are, if you’ve got a bit of an idea of the area in which I hope to find a job. If you know something that of course is just outside please let me also like, but for me it is not so convenient to every day to the Randstad to have to travel. (Unless it is a dream job for which I would like to move).

Persoonlijk: ik zoek een nieuwe baan

 What work I search:

The most obvious is a job as a personal attendant, ambulant mental coach, counselor or student within the healthcare and welfare sector. So far, I’ve mainly worked as an accompanist in the care of the disabled. I am at the moment very much open to work in another field or with a different target group. As in mental health, at the municipality or, for example, working with asylum seekers or people who are going to re-integrate in the labour market. It also seems to me great to work in a more Advisory and support function such as consultant or coach (job). I’m really open and I will be happy to learn if this is necessary. I prefer to work with adults or young people.
What I don’t find is work with people with a heavy intellectual disability, severe physical restrictions or where the guidance especially in the custodial aspect is. I prefer to work with people with a reasonable degree of independence.

What is my experience/what can I offer employers:

I am qualified as a social worker (hbo) and child care worker (mbo4). A minor in social work was part of my SPH training. After my studies I worked as a supervisor on different living forms in the care of the disabled. Last year I got the opportunity to work as a personal attendant on a new residential location that I have help startup. It was a beautiful experience to a new and enthusiastic team together to shape the medical disciplines.

Tasks that I have performed are: conducting intake interviews, performing and matching the provision of care in the field of personal care, self-reliance, development, finance and network. The preparation of support plans and daily reporting. Maintaining contact with family members and authorities. Providing daily care and guidance based on the individual and his or her possibilities.

I have been working on locations where I worked, but also completely independently as the only coach in a team. I am motivated, excited, calm and patient. I am eager to learn and want to give myself like to continue to develop. I work accurately and with respect for the client. I can empathize with the experiences of people and try as much as possible to their wishes, but keep leaving their possibilities in the eye.

Words of others:

Team Leader: ‘a smart girl, strong in theory and writing skills. A fun and reliable colleague. You have your work always well done ‘.

Colleagues: ‘a topper, fine fellow, a born personally tutor ‘.

Can you help me?

Do you have a suitable position or do you know maybe someone might have a suitable position? I would love to hear! Email me at karin@eenigwonen.nl so that I can undertake itself steps below. It would be nice if you would like to share this post on social media or would allow reading to a potential employer. What would be the unbelievable and great if I would find a job this way!

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