Oui Paris

Oui Paris
Last week I was four days in Paris with my mother. The first time we went on a trip together and that we will definitely do more often! Before I went on holiday I would want to work ahead for the blog, but I was quite busy lately, with a new job and a lot of overtime did just can’t! Fortunately, I now have some more time now the boot on my work is. I was then also called to it to get away from it all. I would like to share some holiday photos. I love itself not by lengthy photo albums and made a selection of 25 pictures.

Oui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisWe started the four days, (or actually the 2.5 day roundtrip) at the Sacré Coeur, a beautiful building for which you need a lot of steps, but once out of breath you have a magnificent view of Paris. Of course, we ate a crepe, and made a boat trip on the Seine. In doing so, we sailed along all known construction, also for the first time we saw the Eiffel Tower from the boat. Then you know for sure that your stay in Paris:P

Oui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisWe visited Musée D’orsay, you should not take pictures of the works of art, but a picture of this clock I could not resist. You see him on the outside of the building, but inside you see how big he really is. To many bridges over the Seine hung love locks, you’re making with your loved one and throws the key lock to the bridge in the water, the romantic? Not really, because everyone does it. What I found was the smart again or comical man who locks sold on the bridge. Such a bridge full of locks looks very beautiful and the thinking behind it is, of course, very sweet.

Oui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisThe famous Arc de Triomphe was so much bigger than I thought, really made a huge edifice, quite impressive. It is surrounded by a huge roundabout where twelve streets on come true which makes it look very busy in terms of traffic. The weather was great when we were in Paris, still around 25 degrees, only the last morning before departure there was a small spot of rain, there we really lucky with it. We have enjoyed the Sun in Jardin des Tuileries, a large park adjacent to the Louvre. Throughout the park were green Chair that you could use, ideal! We have many delicious scoop ice creams eaten and ventured a ride in a carousel.

Oui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisOui ParisEverywhere you see many street vendors who sell mini Eiffel Towers to the tourists. (and no, I also couldn’t buy a Eiffel to keychain haha). We went to the huge shopping centre Galeries Lafayette, with a beautiful dome. There was also a special ‘ Maison ‘ building, full of furniture stores. Unfortunately the whole expensive side, but nice to see all. We have a lot of past through the streets of Paris, it’s really a big city, we’ve actually seen a short. Before departure we bought delicious sandwiches and we threw one last look at the Eiffel Tower. When it is dark going there every hour thousands of lights flashing, really magical to see!

Of course we made many selfies, but because my mother on all photos and they’d rather not want to stand on the internet I have this left it off. It was really very nice to go on holiday together, to be able to think back to something beautiful! I hope everyone had a happy holidays have or have had. Now enjoy the good weather before we again with plaids on the couch going to hang out (though that’s also best fine).

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