Organizing tip: use a tea box

Organizing tip: een theedoos gebruiken
A tea box is ideal for storing tea bags, but also by the compartment tea box is a fine to use for anything other than tea. All the little things that otherwise go wandering through your House quickly, you can easily clean up with a tea box. You’ll find your paper clips back soon if you need them. Everything at hand in one small box, for the Office, at your beauty corner or in your hobby room.

Organizing tip: een theedoos gebruikenOrganizing tip: een theedoos gebruikenOrganizing tip: een theedoos gebruiken Organizing tip: een theedoos gebruiken I have a transparent tea box of acrylic, which I can easily see what is in it, useful if you are looking for something! To show how useful a tea box is for storage of small covered in centimeters I filled the boxes in different ways. With tea, writing supplies, makeup products and jewelry. I prefer to use it for my jewelry. But of course you can still fill the boxes in many more ways, for example with screws or nails, your buttons collection, or other small things you used for your hobby. Also for children, it is a convenient storage system, small toys like ironing beads you can easily sort in the boxes. If you pick up the lid of the box you can lose much more in because you can leave things than upright, like your lipsticks or nail polish bottles. Work with a theme is most clear.

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