Ontspullen to my table

Ontspullen met mijnTafel
As for the move I had vowed to ontspullen as much as possible, to do things away and sell. I found out during the cleanup behind that I would do a lot of small interior items, vases, dishes, candle holders and tea lights. Things I have collected in the course of the time, but which I now no longer like. How do you sell these smaller items the best? I tried my table, a store concept where you rent and you own a sales place shop can play!

Ontspullen met mijnTafelOntspullen met mijnTafel

Ontspullen to my table

I have some furniture sold through market place, but what do you do with all those little stuff? For a few dollars, I think it is too much work to make an entire ad out of it and to handle the sale. And a whole day at a flea market is also not as for me, I prefer to walk along! The concept of my table I knew through a colleague and it seemed to me always nice to try out yourself. I mailed to my table to see if we could work together. I paid a week rent, but if an entire month use my sales spot. What was this fun! You rent a table and point it itself in with your merchandise. You decide the price, which you are on a sticker on the product. It feels a bit like play shop. Once Decorated did you forget. Through the site you can see what you all have sold that day at home. Many sold? Then it’s time to place your sales to supplement it with new stuff. The staff watch your table and moved stuff so that there are no empty spots fall into your table and everything stays clean.

Ontspullen met mijnTafelOntspullen met mijnTafel

And sells that a bit?

It works pretty addictive, to sell your stuff this way. I found more and more stuff that I could sell it, once you’re at it you think to most things ‘ Oh well, this can also be way ‘. I have a month things sold, I would add another month, so what do I have a lot of in house! That clears up so, watch out that you don’t buy at the other tables new stuff) there is something for everyone and every week there is something else to buy.

In total I have put 96 stuff in the sale and I have 37 items sold. Every week you get paid. I earned € 120.0 in total-I had a lot of small prices. There were days when I sold anything but on the best day I sold for € 20.0-. A tip is to have a good balance between bargains and more expensive items that allows you the rent there with a few sales. Share a table with several people, is also an idea to cut costs. If I had not tried my Table I had this stuff to the cycle, now I have a few Bob to deserved, that I’m going to use for my new House. Clean up and ontspullen was never so much fun!

Ontspullen met mijnTafelOntspullen met mijnTafelOntspullen met mijnTafel

More about my table concept

my table is a concept from Finland, where it is totally hot, I think we’re going to hear a lot of this concept in Netherlands. In the shop are many vending places, from tables to display cases, each of which is rent. I see it as a cycle-plus. You can be just as delicious rummage and treasure hunting, but it is much neater and often you can see at a glance which tables you find interesting. There are people out there make a true shop windows or cozy mess, or people whose hobby is collecting 70 clear vases. There is quite a lot of variation, from clothing and care products to old crockery. Mainly used stuff, but also home made and new articles, for example or webshops. There is also place for larger items such as furniture. What can be donated is not sold, then the stuff on charities tables, each half-year there is another charity, it comes to non-profit foundations such as the food bank, animal ambulance or a hospice.  You rent a table for € 25 per week at several weeks rent. my table has multiple shops throughout the Netherlands, there is also one near you!

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