My round dining table

Mijn ronde eettafel
In addition to new chairs I bought, my last another dining table dining area is now completely finished! I’m really in love with this round dining table that I found through market place, after a day of sanding and painting it’s really become a beauty. Before I got home I saw all the old round dining tables cycle more frequently, which I loved, but which of course I nowhere could lose. As a result, the idea of a round table again went out of my mind. Soon had I regret my previous, rectangular dining table, with this table I’m completely happy!

Mijn ronde eettafelMijn ronde eettafelMijn ronde eettafelMijn ronde eettafelA round table fits much better in space than the rectangular table by first. Also it is a lot more practical because now I can run along behind the table, which is convenient because there are two doors wrong. When I this House just got I have bought a lot of stuff at once, including my previous dining table, where I post so much regret. Only when you live somewhere brand and you’ll see what’s good in the space and at your other furniture fits. Soon I knew I wanted a round table instead of a right and there I was watching on at thrift shops. I knew exactly what I wanted, such an old baroque table with a scalloped edge to the table top.

Mijn ronde eettafelMijn ronde eettafelMijn ronde eettafelMijn ronde eettafelThis table has all I wanted, beautiful carvings, a dainty paw and such a beautiful scalloped edge. The style of the table fits very well with the Cabinet that I already had, making the living room and dining area are a whole lot more now. I entered the table but not at at the cycle and eventually bought it through market place. I left the table pizza home delivery via HubHub*, really a godsend because I have so much further could search, this table comes from the other side of the country!

Mijn ronde eettafelMijn ronde eettafelMijn ronde eettafelMijn ronde eettafelI find that the lamp and the chairs also much better come true at this table, they are in a different position and because the table is now white instead of wood-colored, it’s more of a unit. Because I found it some bare eyes with all that white I chose copper accessories as an accent color. The mirror I had already and I squirted copper with spray paint, the scale I bought new. I am so happy with this table and the new accessories, my home is increasing my Palace.

* I got the delivery costs via hubhub gift.

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