My home wishlist

Mijn woon wishlist
My House is getting more as I have will. Although I think you can never say you d├ęcor ‘ finished ‘, I start getting more near to come. But of course, there are still some things that I really really would like to have. And who will come, now or in the future. I thought it would be fun to share what things I prefer linea recta would drag home.

Mijn woon wishlistAll times I am fan of the work of Gerald Wallace, I would prefer to buy all her ceramics. That would be an expensive joke, but above vases I would really like to purchase once. The small vase Daisy and larger vase Pineapple have everything I like, the shape, structure and pretty pastel color. Have.

Mijn woon wishlistThis candle holder in buyer of Hay, called ‘ Lup ‘ view I every time I see him in a store. The candlestick is simple design, which I find very beautiful. Why I have not taken him know I actually don’t, all doubt I was a little bit about what version, this with a triangular base or those with a more rectangular bottom. I don’t let him stand again.

Mijn woon wishlistMijn woon wishlistThe coffee table at the bank, I would like to be replaced by two separate tables. I already know exactly which, these two of the brand pure. I like pure. I think it’s my favourite brand is, if you can have. The copper end table ‘ Cupid ‘ I saw during the instagram tour of Arnhem, and I was in love with. He is Matt’s buyer and the table top is mirror. Would I table ‘ Two tone ‘ in white like to have. I have already put in a furniture shop with all sorts of side tables, this pair fits very well matched in terms of height. I think it will be a lot more spacious than the rectangular coffee table that I have now.

Mijn woon wishlistAlso is pure this table-lamp, that seems to me very beautiful are on my retro tv Cabinet. I find him basically what too expensive for a table lamp (the tables cost less), but I find him very nice. Simple and sleek. Although I still like kitsch and flowers, I can also appreciate modern pieces. The combination of old or kitsch with modern I find beautiful. It strengthens each other to my idea.

Mijn woon wishlistI want to hang a mirror behind the dining table, this of House Doctor I find very beautiful. Lately I’ve been a bit of a soft spot for buyer. Still, I find him something too small for the place where I would like him to hang up. But he is beautiful though.

Mijn woon wishlistFor on my balcony I would like this chair ‘ Hogsten ‘ want. I see him often passing on photos and last year I was also already becoming to doubt at this Chair when I was at Ikea. I have a wonderful wooden scaffolding bank, but there you can sit on, not hours just a little too upright and too hard. This Chair is very fine, and he is beautiful of course, also not unimportant.

Mijn woon wishlistFor the bank’s picture on the ridge above search I was a beautiful print, or two. I still don’t know exactly what, there’s so many beautiful art. But something like above I find very beautiful. Artist: Jenny Liz Rome. I’m starting to discover more and more artists and find everything equally beautiful. Ideally I’d like the whole House hanging full.
What’s on your wishlist?

P.s. this post is not advertising, I simply share what I like.

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