My dream home, the garden

Mijn droomhuis, de tuin
My dream garden, the last ‘ space ‘ from the series my dream home and one of the areas I’m most excited about. What a wonderful prospect that I will soon be whole days in my Sun-drenched Garden by can bring!

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On the ground

Mijn droomhuis, de tuinMijn droomhuis, de tuinMijn droomhuis, de tuinI dream of a real garden-garden with plants and flowers, a garden that is friendly to butterflies, birds and insects. Of course, there must be a path to the tool shed and a terrace for some chairs. I like a combination of tiles and wood. The nicest thing of all I find the outdoor tiles from VTwonen with a pattern on it, but these are very pricey. I would love it if the terrace from shelves slightly raised relative to the rest of the garden.

The rest of the dream garden

Mijn droomhuis, de tuinMijn droomhuis, de tuinMijn droomhuis, de tuinMijn droomhuis, de tuinMijn droomhuis, de tuinMijn droomhuis, de tuinGardens filled with tiles I find more a bare parking lot. They are very easy to maintain, but I wouldn’t be happy soon from my beautiful French doors to a blank plane. I dream of a garden with lots of green and all kinds of different plants. Those green fingers established without saying though. I would like a butterfly Bush and want a pergola where white rain over it climbs and thrives. I like a pergola, because you can work with it the height and I find them very gracefully, like a fairy tale. A tree may also not be missing in my garden. In addition to the path I’d like raised borders filled with all kinds of plants, a bit Haggard. Also a group of pots at each other like. The fence I would like to give a Tan so the plants come out there against Nice, and maybe a piece of fencing with climbing plants to the fence. Where the terrace should come let me depend on where the Sun falls. I hope for a pet friendly garden, with a bird bath, bird and insect houses and of course it should be cat-friendly for Pip. For him I would like to make a gift in tree climbing. And if I will look outside, I hope to see such a thing as on the bottom picture, an oasis of green with the garden doors open!

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