My dream home, color palette

Mijn droomhuis, kleurenpalet
I let myself be inspired by interiors of others, online can I there hours are up to. And still I feel most attracted to certain photos. Interiors in which all the rooms in the House together and complement each other. A unit with colors that are aligned. Preferably a light Interior, with lots of white and natural materials and colours. It will still take at least one year before I get into my new home very often, but I can daydream about how it will be.

Mijn droomhuis, kleurenpaletMijn droomhuis, kleurenpaletWhat I like to get in my new home now, is that all the space have somewhat the same style. Now I have for example in the living room a lot of taupe, but in the bedroom floors in the House are grey and dominated by two different colors. To get me some more to focus on what I want I have a mood Board made of the colors that I like in the whole House wants. The base I want to so light and natural as possible, with lots of white and a little taupe. Think of mainly white walls and floors. Maybe I will give a small wall an accent color, but everything remains largely white. In the furniture and accessories I want white and taupe also the most back, accompanied by a light wood tone and color accents in pink, deep purple, ochre yellow and black. In terms of material I want to alternate in textures and finish. Matte and shimmer, wood and metal (copper, gold, brass). I would much prefer to use natural materials such as wood, Cork, bamboo, wool and to finish a lot of plants. I hope that something like this will look like below dream pictures.

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Mijn droomhuis, kleurenpaletMijn droomhuis, kleurenpaletMijn droomhuis, kleurenpaletMijn droomhuis, kleurenpaletMijn droomhuis, kleurenpaletMijn droomhuis, kleurenpaletIn a few weeks, start building my house, but as far as I am concerned it over a month already. I know exactly how I want to and have the bathroom and kitchen are already as good as select. A bit fast? Yes! But guys, what I have been looking forward to it, I do all I can prepare in advance. The main points are in any case already fixed, a House with lots of light, white and natural materials. The bottom photo is of an interior design by Studio and Oink, called house C.A.L. all photos of this I find wonderful, I would choose another floor and add more color to something, but other than that, perfect! What’s your favorite color palette for your home?

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