Mood Board september

Moodboard september
In the monthly moodboard do I create a still life and I tell about what the past month brought me.

Moodboard septemberMoodboard septemberMoodboard september Moodboard september Moodboard september Moodboard september Moodboard september ♦ September was a bit of a crazy month, I was helped to a toenail that been months for pain and could hardly walk after two weeks. By inflammation I had to also still to the antibiotics. What did it very much! Hence the roll in the related theme of my mood Board further kitchen this month. Fortunately, the treatment helped, and I’m going to now completely painless through life. ♦ My parents were married 35 years this month, reason for a party and eat. ♦ At my work we had a cozy team day and later in the month was the burendag which we held an open day, so local residents could take a look at the azc, a successful day. It is good to have to see with your own eyes how people on the azc life. This day really made me proud of my work. ♦ I oriented this month on what I want to be with me the kitchen layout that was going slightly faster than expected. Already at the third shop I looked for my kitchen, aahhh. ♦ All choices I need to make for the House overwhelm me sometimes complete (100 types of grips, faucets, counter tops, ovens, colors of faceplates. I have been struggling with choosing my daily shopping and this was only the kitchen), but still it is especially fun to be able to decide everything yourself. ♦ Construction Board for the block in which in my house is placed, it will not be long. Start the construction in October and I’m very much looking forward, then I can finally start countdown! ♦

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