Mood Board november

Moodboard november
In november flew past the time for my feeling, I was a bit gloomy by the weather and short days, but I scored tickets for the concert of my life!

Moodboard novemberMoodboard november Moodboard november Moodboard november Moodboard november Moodboard november Moodboard november Moodboard november ♦ November is for my feeling flown and actually I still feel as if it were October. The clock and the calendar sticker symbolize this feeling, but also for the shorter of the days and the trouble that I have to include that the end of the year again so close. ♦ That it used is dark and grey and foggy weather often so always has great influence on how I feel, which is bleaker and get tired more quickly. My job requires a lot of energy which makes me less to blogging future, too bad but for me too good to sometimes just to let go. ♦ In november was also the time for my feeling for a moment with the attacks and the effect it has on the media and thoughts and beliefs of people. ♦ Happy november also was light and fun, I insert many candles and can enjoy the pleasant evenings, as a House Sparrow, I don’t mind that I can pull me back on the couch with a blanket. ♦ I danced a whole evening with colleagues at our staff party, great to go to and from the hectic pace of work steps ♦ I scored tickets for the concert of Coldplay in June, so cool. I know the music that you hate or love, but I am fan! Actually I wanted to go three years ago but then hooked the person I would go off at the last moment, luckily I have now found someone who just as crazy is on Coldplay!

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