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Moodboard mei
In the monthly moodboard do I create a still life and I tell about what the past month brought me. I forgot the mood Board for april, but it was a little exciting month, may so!

Moodboard meiMoodboard meiMoodboard meiMoodboard meiMoodboard mei

♦ On 1 may, the new layout online, I am very happy with it, this new jacket fits me though. Unfortunately, there was also some hassle making the site a few days has been offline, I was attacked by certain ip addresses, fortunately, my host this blocked and everything works properly again. What a stress, as if your child is sick and I could do nothing about it (little exaggerated? Yet it felt so) ♦ I signed the year contract of my course, which is 1 June, yay! It’s my best job ever, work on a refugee centre. Also my busiest job ever. ♦ A friend stepped on the 29th married, very special and emotional. ♦ My mother was this month’s birthday and the day after it was mother’s day, what a lucky guy:P ♦ Loods5 I visited for the first time in my life, this immense living store is now also located in Amersfoort, a little closer and so I would like to pay a visit. It was great, I certainly have in mind three thousand euro got me good. ♦ And I loved me so in because I have very good news hopefully soon, where a lot of money for needed. I am the past few months been busy combing Funda, exploratory mortgage calls and houses. ♦ Last Saturday I enrolled in for a great new construction project in the neighborhood. Tomorrow I hear or I am placed. Do you want to equally verrry hard thumbs for me?  (Oh god, I do good to share? What if it’s nothing, that would be the biggest disappointment ever for me.)

Edit: I am unfortunately not placed for one of the houses. Even the brokers had to do with me, they had me very awarded. Unfortunately, in the housing market a first-come, first-served basis. I can now only hope for a small miracle. If I should kill the other candidates. Just kidding though. I very hard because starting from July 1, the rules change allowing me for the same kind of House all of a sudden a lot of own money in should. For the time being I remain so still literally four high behind … Thanks for all the thumbs and congratulations, and also for the support I get now on social media, I find it terribly sweet that there is sympathetic with me so.

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