Mood Board January

Moodboard januari
On many blogs you can find nowadays a photo week overview.  It’s always nice to have a look into the lives of other people, but it is nothing for me. I have, of course, instagram, but I make not much pictures of myself or of events. Something I would like to do this year on blog area there is more personality in. I did that last for example by blogging about my birthday, instead of about garlands in house, as I did earlier. I try to think of ways in which Live Éénig can be more personal, without having a blog about me, because that’s certainly not my intention. So I came up with the idea of a monthly moodboard. Any way I can give a look at my life, in a style that suits me and my blog. A collage at the beginning of each month, over the past month.

Monthly moodboard

I welcome this idea, because it suits me. I do not take pictures of my food, or when I’m with girlfriends, or when I’m in the train is that I find that incredibly uncomfortable. With a mood Board per month can I get multiple targets; more personal blogging, learning styles, learning to make better images and to select from here. Furthermore, I think it’s fine to look back on a month because time flies so fast. I find it a bit scary, because Hello, I really can not styling or all the pretty pictures. Or anything at all in photography as I translate it in my head for me see. But who knows b exercise also here art. We will see it. I’m curious what you think a monthly moodboard. This was January 2015.

Moodboard januariMoodboard januari♦ In January I celebrated my 27th birthday, I ate cake with old cake forks and got the mini version of the Kahler anniversaries vase. ♦ I started working on the location where we will soon capture, 1000 asylum seekers go we get to know each other as a team and what I have great colleagues. Everything is new and that takes energy, also stay there for my feeling so little free time. But the openness to each other and the hilarious humor make it work to a party. ♦ I am a chilly person and have had it this month so cold, I wear the scarf on the picture a lot! ♦ I use things always in periods, so there are periods that I eat only one kind of siege on bread, or getting to a single chain grab, that was this month the fine nepgouden chain that I ever even own composed in a bead shop. ♦ in the evening I find hot tea to drink from my new double wall glass and candles to light as possible for some extra fun. I am a chunklet House Sparrow and I love it.

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