Mood Board February

Moodboard februari
This is the second monthly mood Board, in which I a still life make that for me sums up the past month. It is my equivalent of the personal photo diaries you on many other blogs. Time flies and so I put it for a moment to tell about my month.

Moodboard februariMoodboard februariMoodboard februariMoodboard februariMoodboard februari♦ In February began my work really, the first few hundred residents on us asylum Center are inside, it is hectic and the days fly past. A working day is so, it’s busy, sometimes stressful but above all very nice! ♦ For my feeling I can find anything at times the cycle, but this month I found this great vase and a nice floral Lampshade. ♦ The days are longer and lighter, my Crocuses come from, I have so much sense in the spring! Hence the sunny poster. ♦ By the spring I bought new plants (also because the old plants die, sst). ♦ The inverted Teacup stands for the conviviality of tea drinking with friends, a new meeting during a high tea and trips with my mother. We visited the new Ikea in Zwolle and went shopping in Groningen. ♦ I find Groningen a great city, I’m secretly very often to watching on Funda to beautiful cottages there. ♦ We are working hard behind the scenes on a new logo and a new layout by Angelina, hopefully he can next month online!

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