Mood Board August

Moodboard augustus
In the monthly moodboard do I create a still life and I tell about what the past month brought me.

Moodboard augustusMoodboard augustusMoodboard augustusMoodboard augustusMoodboard augustusMoodboard augustusMoodboard augustus♦ August began with what crowds to finalise everything on my work because after that I had two wonderful weeks free! ♦ I started my short holiday with a day of shopping in Amersfoort, which is a really nice city. I drank the most delicious chai latte ever at Miss Jacoba, behind the property you can sit in the garden, a lovely quiet spot in the middle of the city. And we went out for dinner at the Eetstee, a vegetarian restaurant with great food! ♦ I wandered about the most beautiful Moors on the Sallandse Heuvelrug, purple as far as you can see, inspiring. ♦ I took the time to once again cycles, what the last period often in shooting. ♦ Also I visited a flea market in Elim, small-scale but very atmospheric. ♦ ShowUP together with Nathalie I visited trade fair, where as many as 170 Web shops and designers showed their latest products, it was nothing but good that you could buy because I óoeeeh and áaaahde a lot. Like looking through a candy store for adults. ♦ I got after the construction workers finally news about my house, they start earlier with build because the sale going very well, probably around mid-October. That’s been about six weeks! And I got my home number and zip code to know, my new address is complete. It is now quite a bit however.  ♦ I fried banana bread, went to the cinema and drank litres of tea away with girlfriends and my mother, from my nice new thermos and have really enjoyed this fine smoking days. ♦

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