Mood Board april

Moodboard april
Last month, there was one which is almost completely was my new home. I made the choice for the kitchen complete, ordered a floor and looked at my house for the first time from inside. In the monthly moodboard do I create a still life and I tell about the past time.

Moodboard aprilMoodboard aprilMoodboard aprilMoodboard april Moodboard april Moodboard april The closer the move comes, how rustelozer I am. I feel there are still 100 things settle, my head is full of them. Even at work, I am constantly busy with things I have to do, people who I should call, stuff I must draw in and so on. To drive you mad! Now I finally have made a start with packing moving boxes gives that something more rest, I can take the time and that’s fine. It does have some, to live your life through your hands. What do I have a lot of stuff collected in the years that I live here. If you really want to clean up is a move thoroughly good stick behind the door, I don’t want to lug a box full of stuff which I then probably never unpacking (believe me, I still have 2 boxes from three years ago). Ontspullen so, I am also very busy these days. That gives much junk at home and turmoil in me, but if it’s gone, what a space!  Pots of paint when I came to live here, wall paint, radiator paint, a Tan by painting a closet. And keep, but until now, I make trips to the street environment as if it were a true hotspot. There are also many things that I can’t just discard, which is still nice, but I’m looking forward. Market place is my friend and recently I sell through my table, an easy and fun way to sell your stuff, where I will write more about later.

In april I made the choice for my kitchen complete, I sought him out in november last year and went to see if I am still satisfied with it and to the colors to choose. I made some adjustments (meeeeer drawers!) and in appearance I made a sea change. Or high-gloss white I stepped over on Matt white and the counter top is a light wood tone, instead of a taupe-colored composite. The counter top will get the same look as the closet wall out there in front. Last time I couldn’t find, but fortunately, the beautiful wood kitchen thing now a new color added to their range and that was exactly the color I was looking for! Also I ordered the floor in front of the ground floor, and is the time that your building supplies more frequently from within will then see you love has come. I hunt for coupons and deals. On 22 april was the moment where I had so looked forward to look there: the afternoon in my house! That was epic and more on that see and read in this post about the first time inside my house. A few days before the tour broke the rope of the keychain or my current home (the wooden cottage on the photos above), coincidence? Besides all that moving happen I spoke also with girl friends and I celebrated the birthday of my brother. A friend of mine also has a newly built townhouse bought that now built-in word, it’s so nice to experience this almost simultaneously.

When can I enjoy the Sun, as the weather is a bit-and it not snowing for example (how?)-Spring is really my favorite season! There is so much beauty in nature, every week there seems to be something else to bloom and I see the trees for the House again sheet. Especially the blossom trees and shrubs are fairy-tale beautiful. I watch now very much on gardens and beautiful trees and shrubs that I will all want to plant in my garden. Garden centres are also a favorite getaway today. It is fixed a bunch because I find almost everything nice!

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