Make a DIY Christmas scale

DIY een kerstschaal maken
For Christmas I filled a bowl of MOSS and made a small winter landscape of. A decorative addition to your Christmas decorations that are quickly made.

DIY een kerstschaal makenYou will need to create a Christmas scale:

  • A glass bowl
  • MOSS
  • Mini Christmas trees
  • Christmas decorations
  • Lights on battery
  • Fake snow
  • Possibly; Candleholders enwaxinelichtjes

DIY een kerstschaal makenDIY een kerstschaal makenPut a little water in the scale for the MOSS and divide the moss on the scale. Decorate the Moss with the mini Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations. I found it nice to have a deer figurine to add, so it’s more of a scene. Divide the Christmas lights on the dish, sprinkle with fake snow and ready is your mini winter-wonderland!

DIY een kerstschaal makenDIY een kerstschaal makenDIY een kerstschaal makenDIY een kerstschaal makenDIY een kerstschaal makenI find it very cosy winter landscape. The more lightly with Christmas the better right? I had this dish at home, but you could also get a high glass jar or vase. The advantage of this system is that you can go in more than the height, for example with branches. I don’t like so the standard Christmas pieces, but this variant I find kinda cute. Don’t forget to occasionally make some wet Moss with a plant spray, so you have longer fun of your Christmas scene!

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