Juniors from March to may

Minderen van maart t/m mei
I like cycles, before returning against things that I actually don’t really need, but I love to drag home, sometimes a little later again on looking forward. I have a House with three bedrooms, one a kind of storage/ I-know-not-what-I-it-should-so-put-I-it-here-but-down room. That doesn’t feel good. I want a home in which I on each room can be proud of, that I’m not when opening a door have to say “UM Yes, this is a bit of a junk room ‘. Or that in any case I prefer a cabinet door shut late than I put it in open company trek, because there is risk of avalanche danger. I want it differently, less. The next three months there should be a lot of road.

Minderen van maart t/m mei

Too much

I have too many, that sneaks in. Two tea pots, three milk and sugar sets, more than thirty vases. Clothes that I have worn for years. How often do you use two tea pots at once? Well I never. I never use them at all, because I pour hot water from the kettle in a glass. I want legere cupboards and, better still, I would an entire closet way, cleaning up until I need less storage space. No baskets or trays or other convenient storage supplies having to buy more to put things in to clean up. Buy even more stuff to other stuff to clean up, so crooked actually. I want less, no minimalism, but only beautiful things. Things I happy.

Minderen van maart t/m meiLinks: those beautiful antiques inside Cabinet is not as nice, though I have done my best with storage boxes. The right storage shed, with a rommelrek where no mess, because there are boxes full of clutter for.

And really now!

Now I have these thoughts often, then over I a locker or a tray on and it feels good, but the rest of the House remains full. That’s why I want to tackle the big, all rooms and cabinets at along. All double is gone, all I do not use. No save things because it ‘ Sin ‘ is to do away. I would prefer one beautiful expensive necklace than twenty cheaper that kind of fun . In addition I watch hours at funda, dreaming about a new home and move. Then I look around at my house and I see a lot of stuff. Stuff should all along into a new home, but I do not want to take.

To avoid me half way through the cleaning a closet within no time to whine is between a mountain clothing I want to my juniors from March to may action well prepared. I borrowed some books at the library and picked up the organizing book that I already had once again covered in dust. Because I want everything neat, but I’m just not that good at it. I have not for nothing a category with organizing tips, because I want nothing more than to an orderly home. Ignited by the jitters of a new year, the upcoming Spring and enthusiastic bloggers with the same feelings (such as the Green girls) I want to now too. Really. And why should I not write about? It looks like a great big stick and who knows you have something. I’m certainly not the only one who else wants to!

Minderen van maart t/m mei

I suggested some goals for myself:

  • No unused, unnecessary or duplicate things in house
  • A Cabinet less
  • At the end on a flea market (always wanted to do)
  • Anything not sold at the flea market right to bring the cycle
  • I allowed myself to reward with something beautiful

Of course I keep you posted. I will be embarrassing for-photo sharing (see also above), hopefully also opgeruimdere after-photos. Share tips from the books I already have read, will be writing about my flea market adventure and hope to tell you about a great success, but also about inevitable failures.

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