Juniors from March to may: vases and drawer Cabinet

Minderen van maart t/m mei: vaasjes en ladekastje
After cleaning up my clothes I go a treat, no Cabinet or drawer to my Decluttering and also my vases collection had to be there to believe it. If I continue on this pace I am much faster than I thought! I took my retro tray box in hand and went from six packed drawers to a cupboard with space and nearly empty drawers. An incredible difference. Also I quite my collection of vases from dunde, though vases a weak point.

Minderen van maart t/m mei: vaasjes en ladekastjeOn this retro tray box I was immediately in love with, but the contents of those oh-so-handy drawers began more and more against me. I would not be able to tell you exactly what’s in it, apart from many rommeltjes and things of the past and a whole hump paperwork. It is such a nice box to see, but the drawers I would never in company, because everything there criss cross in lag. Just look:

Minderen van maart t/m mei: vaasjes en ladekastjeMinderen van maart t/m mei: vaasjes en ladekastjeI pulled this all out. A lot of maps, old photos, folders, calendars, candles, lamps, a Cork (?), figurines, a stray vase, a candle holder, picture frames, brackets, things for the cat, things for the camera, it didn’t stop. I took everything one by one according to the KonMari method fixed and decided straight away if I ever use still went and whether I was happy. This went pretty quick and easy because I knew so many things here that I do not used laminated. Most drawers were a kind of storage place. What I really loved to throw away all the papers from my previous job. The contracts, information of courses and meetings, endorsements, I threw everything away. It’s not that my previous work was not fun, but it is in a way finished making me long rot felt (a half year by working while I knew that I had to look like, followed by three months of unemployment). Discard the paper felt it in a strange way very freeing and as a conclusion of my previous work. No grudge or sadness, but a ‘ it’s a good thing ‘. Although that also because I find my current job really 10 x more fun:D

Minderen van maart t/m mei: vaasjes en ladekastjeMinderen van maart t/m mei: vaasjes en ladekastjeThese things I decided to keep, because I liked them (picture frames), I often use them (coasters, calculator), from sentimental value (which cd I turned grey, bartje figurine from when I lived in Assen) or because I am happy word (pompoms! Glitter asterisks!). On the previous picture seems a bomb explodes, this little pile is to overlook. The drawers are super clear and some even empty! If I put it on would come up then I could all in 1,-one, eins, uno, one!- tray. But that should not come up more.

Minderen van maart t/m mei: vaasjes en ladekastjeMinderen van maart t/m mei: vaasjes en ladekastjeAlso my vases collection were less. Of 28 vases I went to 15. Still pretty much, but vases are my favourite. I find a vase soon nice and because you can group them so delicious you can lose much without that it is already too cluttered word. Or is that only a good excuse to justify it for myself? Anyway, I am happy with the amount of vases that I way I could do, almost half!

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  1. Hi,
    I love that stripped vase. Can you please let me know where is it from?


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