Juniors from March to may: clothing

Minderen van maart t/m mei: kleding
Early this month I took me to work- Dec with stuff. I wanted to be well prepared, so I don’t start crying between a mountain of stuff would beaches. I read four cleaning books and began figuring out of my clothes. I thought it all was, but I turned out to be a half clothing store.

   Minderen van maart t/m mei: kledingWisdom books

I read three books on cleanup, though things were everywhere in that let me think. After all the lyrical stories about the book ime Oprun! by Kondo (a Japanese cleanup guru who has made her life’s goal to clean up) I could not resist to her book to buy and read. And Jeez I really really a different mindset of. Actually many things from her method back in the other books that I read, but then in a few sentences. Kondo expands on the aspect that the stuff you own affect your feelings and mind. That sounds a bit crazy, but yet it is so. I was discouraged by all my stuff and now I’m working with cleaning up I feel lighter and is like I get more grip on my area and myself.

Life is too short for clutter, allow yourself to let go of what no longer a goal everything in your life. Cleared House – Donna Smallin

Keep only stuff where you enjoy it and remember that everything you save time, attention, space, energy and maybe even money of you ask, if it is to remain in good condition. Getting started with the home coach – Els Jacobs

Clutter is the visible result of deferred decisions. Once your possessions affect your life and your mood is the time to get to do something about it. Like clockwork – Zamarra Obaid-Cook

From the book of Kondo can I keep quoting, I can find me tremendously well in her method and way of thinking. If I may recommend you one clean-up book, then it is this. In short, her method: Surround you with stuff you hold dear. Take everything you have in your hand and watch it one by one, you’ll get a good sense of, then you hold it. Decide what you want, not what you want to do. Stuff affect your mind and give or take energy. Treat your stuff with respect and attention. Clean up changed your life. And that change began cleaning my clothes.

Minderen van maart t/m mei: kledingAll beginnings are difficult

Clothes clean up is according to KonMari the best to start with. You have to categorize, so all clothing, from everywhere. There it started though, I have not only a wardrobe in my bedroom, but three cabinets in total spread over three rooms and two clothing racks. There I was never aware of until I collected everything and laid on my bed. I did know that I pretty much had clothes, but this was a mountain. A whole clothing store.

I started with my pajamas, because that seemed the easiest to do away. No one who sees them, so it didn’t matter what I would love or way would do. But all beginnings are difficult, I found it difficult to make decisions! Fortunately it went soon afterwards when I taste a lot better once. I decided what I wanted to keep per item, vests, dresses, jackets, this cost me two days. I was surprised how easy I did some things away, things that I had saved for years, for example because they are still new and unworn. That I found always sin, but now I finally took leave of. I came there as you go along behind that I have some things I would do in advance thought I wanted to keep them away, right and things that I wanted to keep all of a sudden I found terribly. Very crazy. Especially summer clothes I found very easy to do away. Maybe because I that do not immediately need, such as Kondo described. Perhaps because the nice weather coming and I immediately gave it away not the things I would choose at the first sun rays.

Minderen van maart t/m mei: kledingAway, away, away!

My size is the same for ten years. Thus, I think I also so much clothing. If everything still fits, why would you then put away? But my taste in clothes is changed. I soon discovered a pattern in things that I did. Therefore, may I take myself these things never buy:

  • Clothing that white/or light cream coloured. I’m too pale for it.
  • Short vests, I only wear long.
  • Jackets with buttons: I only wear vests that opening on the front.
  • Jackets: although I used to be very chic they are found, I find them a bit stiff now.
  • No shirts with a waterfall neckline.
  • No streaks or small busy prints: rather large.
  • Nothing with pockets on the hips.

Besides clothing, I also have my bags, shoes and scarves collection thinned out. In total there were three garbage bags to the textile container and I filled another five other bags for the flea market. Everything there from left over will also get a single ticket textile container. It feels really really fine I now have less clothing, that things I keep for years for no apparent reason just gone. I now have empty shelves in my closet that I have never had. It’s not like I now have a minimalist Wardrobe (I think I still have more clothes than average), but now are the garments that I all like bear and matching the style that I like in feel. Soon I show you my clothing room, as he always heard, but never before was!

Minderen van maart t/m mei: kleding

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