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Moodboard juni

In the monthly moodboard do I create a still life and I tell about what the past month brought me.

Moodboard juniMoodboard juniMoodboard juniMoodboard juniMoodboard juniMoodboard juni♦ A month full of ups and downs regarding my house hunting, but to conclude with a very high up: I BOUGHT a House!! ♦ Last month I enrolled in for a new construction project, June 3, I heard that I was not placed and that the chance was small that people would say, I was so disappointed and turned into an emotional wreck. In a week’s time I bezichtigde four existing houses, but it was not what. 16 June in the evening I was called by the broker that there still a home free had come! I wept for joy on the phone and the broker said she was also emotionally by haha ♦ afterwards it was one big roller coaster, in just 9 days I went from broker to financial advisor, to project manager. I settled between the work by a mortgage and signed the purchase agreement. It all went so fast that I still can’t quite contain. ♦ Start the construction In October or november and then it will be about 10 or 11 months. Next year I celebrate Christmas in my own home! Bizarre. ♦ My House is in a neighborhood where the streets have names, hence the butterfly butterflies in the cottage on the photos. My number is number five. ♦ The gold necklace I ordered as a gift for myself because this month my year contract at work. Finally a little grip. I think it’s a beautiful necklace, it is silver plated with gold ♦ I started a new series: my dream home, to dream about how I would prefer him in focus, luckily I have there a little longer than nine days for:) ♦ After perhaps the most hectic month ever, I look forward to the period that now come, me good Orient on kitchens, tiles, flooring, doors, everything ♦

If you have a great tip for kitchen/bathroom business in the East of the country please let me know, also tips on new construction and tips on things I might not think are very welcome! For me everything is new.

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