I was year

Ik was jarig
Yesterday I was birthday, I am 27 years old, but that sounds so scary close to thirty, that is why I have agreed that from now on I just every year twenty-six word. I’m spoiled with lots of congratulations and beautiful gifts.

Ik was jarigIk was jarigIk was jarigFrankly I like is not barred, that’s the number goes up while I’m still not at all mentally there to spend a lot of time, making cake and snacks, the compulsory visit, well, you know the drill. This year I decided to do it differently, evening only a few people visit, a ready made cake (lemon merengue) and a day of me-time. On my birthday I pretty taken from my work, I was hoping to spend go shopping in Groningen, unfortunately, been all week that the terrible weather once again would be on my birthday. It was dark and rainy all day. Instead of a day of shopping, we are here in the city, where I have a great fun dress bought at H & M to alleviate the suffering. We drank yummy coffee and went out for dinner. So it was still a fine free day.

Ik was jarigIk was jarigIk was jarigIk was jarigI’m spoiled with fantastic gifts. I got among other things a bunch-coloured tulips and a beautiful set of tea towels, towel and pot holders. Also I got the small version of the Jubilee vase Omaggio K√§hler. I’d asked for a tripod for my camera, but my brother did a lot of crazy and gave me a daylight lamp with a reflective umbrella. Here I am so happy with it! I got it yesterday evening right tried it out. It was the whole day though so gloomy and dark, but with the lamp seemed just as if the Sun was shining! I need a little play with it and learn to cope with it, hopefully I can make better pictures with good light and a tripod:D The weekend I am free and I try what forward to blogging and thinking about a new layout!

Ik was jarig

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