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On many blogs you see regularly Tags meet the eye, always fun to read because you go through these questions frame more about someone knowing it. But just because of often personal slant, I find them less fit on my own blog. Now I came across a tag against that perfectly suits me! The ‘ I-love-of-stuff tagged ‘. Created by Laura, on one of my favorite pastimes: cycles!

Ik-hou-van-meuk TagHow often do you go to the cycle?
Previously I went almost every week to the cycle, with a first home you have a lot of stuff that is needed. Still it is one of my favorite trips, if I can not have a time cycles then I miss it. I usually make a round past all the thrift stores in the neighborhood. I do notice that I am now less often do, rather monthly. Partly because I have almost everything what I want to and also because I sometimes just do not have the time to find know.

What is your favorite cycle?
I am always happy in shops of the well, where everything nicely sorted by color and type. Great shops if you are new to the cycles. I am one time at The Where in Emmen, a huge building and so neat. I never saw such a neat thrift store. The circuit is also a favorite in Meppel. I’ll not often, but when I happen to be in the neighborhood, I usually find something am. But secretly I am doing the best finds in the what really good location!!! and messy thrift stores in back streets.

Ik-hou-van-meuk TagWhat is your biggest second hand purchase?
I think the brocante dining table that I bought via marketplace, or the sideboard in the kitchen. Almost all my cabinets are used. But I take everything with it, maybe it’s always worth a visit, to make a post with all my used purchases? 

Ik-hou-van-meuk TagOn which second hand purchase are you most proud of?
I am very happy with my collection of flower paintings, it’s so hard to find that really dyed his paintings instead of a print. Usually his real paintings too expensive, all my paintings had a comfortable, leaving me there extra welcome!

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Ik-hou-van-meuk Tag Ik-hou-van-meuk TagWhat was the best bargain ever?
I do very often good bargains, because I refuse to pay too much for things that second (third, fourth) hands are. Also I often find cheap items in villages. The best bargain ever is undoubtedly my retro tv Cabinet. I like him look like top design, but he was only five euros! This never goes away.

Ik-hou-van-meuk TagBest buy with my dear are hard, Pip

What was your worst buy ever?
There is actually nothing to shoot me inside. Of course, I could be a bad buy, but those are mostly small things and I am never sorry about that. When I’m tired it just goes back to the cycle. Because I find my house now called ‘ finished ‘, I also think a little longer after if I take something with it. I think I make bad buys more frequently with new things, then with second-hand.

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