I have a new bank!

Ik heb een nieuwe bank!
When I first lived on myself I bought a two-seater sofa from Ikea that you ever see my photos have come on over. Even though he still is beautiful I really wanted something else. I missed namely seating I visit all over the floor, and the living room was still so empty and bare by the large open space. I searched for two additional armchairs or a whole new bank. When I lookup was to a new bed (which has since also been found), I saw all of a sudden the bank! A beautiful large corner sofa where you can sit easy with five man Sprawled out on delicious, or myself!

Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!As I mentioned I was actually looking for a bed, because I sleep now even on my single ‘ teenager bed ‘, for which in the place soon a double box spring comes! At Bats Furniture in Zwolle I saw in a shop window all of a sudden the most beautiful bank ever are. Tight, no loose pillows, a high backrest and on high legs. The couch in the store was light beige, but I chose a brown/black variegated fabric. If you thought a paint color by selecting a sample was hard, then look out the color for such a large bank of a mini vacuum feat. To to the drawing up of the contract of sale I sat still in doubt. A bank is not just about as the paint your weather is disappointing. Because the previous bank is much lighter, I was afraid this bank would fall out or that I maybe too dark very had to get used to the size. But I am very happy with the color and size, he fits well in the space and it’s suddenly become a lot more intimate, cozier. I now have a more defined seating area and dining area, instead of the large space first.

Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!To top it off I bought of the week also right when new pads. Of the week I went a day shopping in Groningen, a day before the bank came I bought two cushions of velvet. The great flowers pillow was love at first sight, how fun would that do not stand at my flower paintings? I found him at Woonn. At Sissy-Boy homeland I bought the old pink oblong pillow. When I saw the bank in the store they had there also two of those elongated pillows on it, which I found very beautiful because you see as still a part of the seat back. I already had one at home. Because you do not often see this shape and the fabric type is the same as of the Flower Pillow I took it shall be. I find shopping for living things really 10 x more fun than for clothing:) Yesterday I bought the old pink fringe pillow, as replacement of the bright pink pillow that you see on the pictures of the bank yet. The fringe pillow comes from Quantum, really happen that I encountered there (I’ll never actually at quantum), the color is almost exactly the same as the velour pillow!

Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Now the bank is I would like to make a new coffee table, so that’s my next quest! The table that I have now I bought cheap at the cycle, but had always been intended as temporary table. At first I thought always to two small loose tables, but now the bank is I think that looks too cluttered. I’d like a somewhat lower, rectangular table. Also the photo ledge, I would like to make it longer, in relationship with the bank he is now what has become too short.

Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!Ik heb een nieuwe bank!What I also wanted to share are my radiator rebuilds and curtain. I just bought myself a curtain hanging, on the other hand there is also still one. They are purely intended for the ornamental and may not close. This curtain hides perfect the ugly heating pipes and it gives the room a warmer look. My brother made a couple of plates mdf itself a radiator. Here I am sooo happy with it. I have those flat radiators throughout the House, but those in the living room is such a hideous case. I don’t know how my brother do it, because he has never made a conversion, but it fits perfectly and is very nicely finished. And of course much cheaper than a ready conversion of the hardware store! Little by little the room more and more as I want it, really very very fine! I hope that Pip the bank a little quite late, but so far is doing well. He loves to lie on your lap while I stretch out lie. As far as I am concerned the winter do come, this bank is there for you snug in to nest!

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