Flowers in home – book review

Bloemen in huis – boek review
Flowers in house is the Dutch translation of the book Decorate with flowers. Written by bloggers Holly Becker, who you know from her blog Inhabitat and Leslie Shewring of a creative mint. A beautifully crafted book full of ideas to styling with flowers. Look further for photos, a homemade Garland of flowers and a browse movie of the book. I received this book of publishing house Babic.

Bloemen in huis – boek reviewThe book is colourful and is as the name suggests full of beautiful photos of flowers. Holly and Leslie show you how to quickly create a beautiful bouquet and how your flowers in your home can make it fit. They also provide creative options for vases and DIY/package fits ideas. The book begins with information about amenities for making bouquets and useful tips on choosing flowers and vases. After that, the book is divided into eight chapters or ‘ flower stories ‘. Each flower story begins with an intro about the theme and a matching mood Board, very nice can I find those! Next you are flooded with beautiful images and text of ways to flowers, ideas for vases, roadmaps and a DIY idea. It’s really a party to leaves, so I made a browse movie (my first movie ever!). Personally, I think it’s always annoying when you only have a few overlooked preview and I can’t take a picture of all the pages, the movie gives a good idea of the atmosphere and content of this book.

If you can’t see the movie, Please click here.

Bloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewAll chapters contain beautiful flowers and Interior photos. With flowers you can emphasize certain colors in your room or add a different color. A surprising tip I found that herbs in a bouquet to process, such as Mint or thyme and glitters at the bottom of a vase to straw for an extra effect. Things which I am really not on. There are tips on vases, but also other ways to flowers to show, for example, when driving or flowers by flowers to hang on the wall, there a wreath out of it and more. The only downside is that the zelfmaakideeën what are similar, these go much about decorating vases and there were few innovative ideas for me on that region. I always buy yourself a ready bouquet and that was it then, by this book I got really feel like flowers to choose from and there is something fun to do with it. I was very happy to receive the book. Flowers in house costs € 18.95 and is available at bol.com. Might be a nice gift for the holidays, who keep now not flowers? I let myself be inspired by a roadmap to a Garland of flowers from the book and showing a single flower in a small bowl, under a bell jar.

Bloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewI made this Garland of flowers to an example from the book, super fun to do and I am so happy with the result! Of course, such a wreath not long good because the flowers get no water, but for a party is really great.

Bloemen in huis – boek reviewBloemen in huis – boek reviewThe top picture is a picture from the book. I found it nice to have a color flower that fits well in my house, by one flower to buy are you not spend much, but you do something beautiful! This was the first time I did something fresh creation with flowers than the stalks cut off and put them in a vase, for that reason alone I can wholeheartedly recommend this book!

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