Éénige purchases # 9

Éénige aankopen #9
I had quite a while anything more found in the cycle, but over the past few weeks I found there is some really nice things. A jewelry box and a box of glass. And at a furniture shop I found a nice vase. Allready.

Éénige aankopen #9Éénige aankopen #9Éénige aankopen #9Éénige aankopen #9This glass had to jewellery box with it, I had previously seen such a casket at a cycle, then I took it not qualify. A day later I went back to him anyway to buy and of course he was then unfortunately already sold. Since then I am looking for the same kind of casket and a while back I found him at last! I find there is everything nice to, shape, cut glass, the engraved flowers, the metal and the cute round legs.

Éénige aankopen #9Éénige aankopen #9Éénige aankopen #9Look, I do a mind my best not to buy more vases. But I can just can’t! I seem to be addicted to vases. This I came during a day of shopping in Groningen and he was for the half, so you get that I could not leave him. He is nice and big and especially the color and structure spoke to me so. I can not correctly say what color exactly is, but bronze is the best in the neighborhood. I’m lately crazy on all copper, bronze or gold. I would bet a few branches, all find it is also quite a beautiful object in itself.  (Even last week I ordered an extra vase over the internet, if I have him sometime this week I will write about it within. Can I wean somewhere?)

Éénige aankopen #9Éénige aankopen #9This is just a small update on my big plant, I told when I lookup was all that to a smaller, possibly vintage stool. It seemed like a difficult, long search but just under two weeks later I found the perfect stool all against! The stool was sitting on top of four dark wood and tiles that were Brown and beige. Frankly it was an ugly thing. But I fell for the tapered legs with metal feet. I saw all all for me how he’d be in white. I’m sooo happy with the end result!

Éénige aankopen #9Éénige aankopen #9Éénige aankopen #9This small display case Cabinet I bought last week at the loop. I did not yet know exactly what I wanted to do with it but I thought it was such a cool thing, something I had never seen before. Because I do not quite know what I wanted to with it I put it back first, but when two older ladies grabbed him I thought ‘ wacca ‘, when they restore him I took him anyway but with it, this is really such a thing where I would get otherwise regret. The Cabinet is completely of glass, the posterior wall and the lower shelf are mirrors. I thought it would be nice to have jewelry to put in them, but I have also all other boxes for, so I decided to put there owls figurines, which I rather like collected. (Now I so unconsciously to collect vases:P corpse)

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