Éénige purchases # 8

Éénige aankopen #8
The last time I bought some new things that I wanted to share, cutting boards and vases (oops) from the store. A dish and candlestick of the cycle and a pillow case via instagram.

Éénige aankopen #8Éénige aankopen #8I can suppress my vases tic but difficult, and bought two. The right I found at a floral shop. I found the Mint green color and motif of triangles so much fun.  The vase next to it is of Hema. The vases are beautiful in form and structure at the vase that I already had. I am quite happy with it! I am looking for a plant in the Green vase, but it’s hard to find something, it may not be toxic to plants because my cat nibbles.

Éénige aankopen #8Éénige aankopen #8I was looking for another way to make my necklaces to hang, at Xenos I saw this jewelry tree that now but for the half was. I paid € 4.50. I find the form very nice and you can hang on the branches enough. The tree has a place in the bedroom that I use as walk-in closet/room, I’m working on it, as soon as the af is I share the result.

Éénige aankopen #8Éénige aankopen #8Éénige aankopen #8Éénige aankopen #8In the kitchen I bought these two cutting boards, not to use, but purely as decoration. The round white is of HK living and the heart shaped cutting board of Present Time. I saw him pass by on instagram and loved it so much that I wanted to have him too. The geometrical form of the heart and the pink edge on the side I find awesome.

Éénige aankopen #8Also I bought some second hand stuff, that I always find so much fun to do. Around here are two new thrift stores open, you can make me happier! The pillow case does not come from the cycle, but I bought via instagram, there I see lately often things go on sale, a kind of marketplace but then more fun!

Éénige aankopen #8Éénige aankopen #8This old-fashioned Pillow I bought so via instagram, by Vivifier. I fell on the PCB and the colors, I thought he would match my other pillows and that is certainly so! It’s very much present to come something new, because you already know the seller for your feelings. I see more often that people sell anything via instagram, super nice!

Éénige aankopen #8Éénige aankopen #8This glass dish I found at the cycle, I fell for the form, the yellow color and the pretty pattern in the glass. The dish is still very, there is still no splintertje of the glass off, yeah! For only € 1.50 I took him home. I gave the dish a place in the kitchen on the shelf next to my collection of cans.

Éénige aankopen #8Éénige aankopen #8I found it at the Golden candlestick a cycle for one euro. He is quite simple in shape, which I find is so beautiful to. He got a spot on a tray next to the metal rose that I previously bought second-hand. Also on the tray, the copper-colored dish of House Doctor (the winner has since received word). I like it at each other, all these different colors metal.

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