Éénige purchases # 6

Éénige aankopen #6
I found some neat items for the cycle and found my perfect basket. In order to be able to close myself in winter comfortably in House I also bought a delicious plaid and a soft Sheepskin.

Éénige aankopen #6I ran some fun things to again at different thrift shops. These are often the best buys for me, cheap and more unique than in normal shops. Find something fun at the cycle is like a goal score with football. (That question is so for at least, because I’m a-sports).

Éénige aankopen #6This vase stood on top of a high shelf, but pulled my right eye. I find the form so funny! Vases for me irresistible, I actually much too much but they are so much fun! For 50 cents, I could not leave this also. The vase Gets a spot on the coffee table (I’m looking for a new one) and then gets probably a different color.

Éénige aankopen #6Éénige aankopen #6 This metal rose I bought at a great shop in my home village, Saha uyt-Zigt. It’s actually no cycle shop, but better than that. here you will find only the very best stuff from thrift shops. The owner are looking for the most beautiful stuff at flea markets, the cycle and markets abroad. In a large farm, everything is perfectly styled for sale. It’s really a party to wander and to view everything. The prices are higher than in a regular cycle, but the stuff are beautiful. This delicate metal Rahman took I join for € 5,-EDIT: Saha uyt Zigt exists no longer.

Éénige aankopen #6My last cycle find was this cute glass rings holder, this I’m going to give a spot in my walk-in room. I have a jewelry box, but these rings holder is a very cute thing, of course he went for € 0.45 to take home.

Éénige aankopen #6Éénige aankopen #6 This Sheepskin I have been around for a while, but I had not yet shared. He is from Ikea and was € 40,-I bought it so that Pip has a nice spot on the couch to lie, without breaking the bank full of hairs comes. Though he of course:) on the fur next to more often than To do this, I had a plaid across it, but that I found are not pretty. I didn’t think I would ever buy a real sheepskin, it allows me to be a bit disappointing. Previously they had only white coats at Ikea but last temporarily they had this Brown fur for sale and when he was hospitalized in my basket. Although I find it a strange idea that a sheep on my bank is, I find it beautiful.

Éénige aankopen #6For a while Éénige aankopen #6 I was looking for a nice basket, I made a blog post about it and then found my ideal basket! This seagrass basket of Bloomingville has a super cute shape, the material is beautiful and I wanted a basket with hengseltjes. I ordered the basket over the internet, which I find is always a little scary because I would rather see something in real life, but he is wonderful. In the basket do I save another new purchase, a soft and woolly plaid.

Éénige aankopen #6The plaid is wonderfully large and soft and the color is great! He is yellow ochre and fits right in with the other yellow accessories in house. The rest is mostly pink, but I want to get some more yellow ochre in home. This plaid has the perfect color. I bought it once during a shoppingtripje in Groningen for € 20,-, at Laif & Nuver, highly recommended. In the winter I find with a plaid to lie on the couch, the perfect season for a House Sparrow, though I get a huge chilly person.

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