Éénige purchases # 4

Éénige aankopen #4
The last time I bought some nice things for your home again. I shopte among other things on the home fair and at the cycle and can be an item of my living-wishlist from your list. I bought quite literally a cottage, tree and beast. Curious about what I found? Look on.

Éénige aankopen #4All in all, from left to right: kitschy teacups of the cycle, a Bell of Hema, poster of Jurianne Matter, ceramics and a deer image of VTwonen cottage V & D. below, let me see where I aankoopjes have given a place in this House.

Éénige aankopen #4Éénige aankopen #4Tree, this poster designed by Jurianne Matter stood for a while now on my wishlist. On the woonbeurs I saw this poster are for a lower price than through the internet, in addition I had a coupon for 20% off because I have a subscription to VTwonen. As a result, took the poster only eight euro! Before that I could not pass up. What I like about the designs of Jurianne is that you can fold them yourself to a 3D work of art. Also you can choose the color of the sheet behind the poster. I have a black paper for the picture below it, but I hope I can find something with a copper color. The poster is hanging on my bedroom.

Éénige aankopen #4Éénige aankopen #4At V & D I saw this deer image. Normally I not so much with images, but deer can I find very special and therefore equal this image drew my eye. The deer is elegant and graceful in shape. I have given her a spot on the photo ledge above the bank, in the blog post about my bank you can see the entire picture ledge.

Éénige aankopen #4Éénige aankopen #4This ceramic cottage I also bought on the living fair. A fun neighborhood expansion on the cottage that I already had (actually mean for Christmas, but because he is white like it can throughout the year). This cottage is something tighter styled, a nice counterpart next to the cottage that is in more detail. You can burn a tea light in there, but I’m not going to do that because the inside than black is referred to by the smoke.

Éénige aankopen #4Éénige aankopen #4This cute tea cups I found at the cycle. I love that old fashioned somewhat kitschy cups, but I find that they sometimes absurdly high prices for questions. These cups and saucers were only € 0.45 each. The cups are decorated with pastel-colored flowers and are finished with a wonderfully kitsch Golden lining. The shape of the ears I find very charming. I don’t drink tea from these cups, they are purely for ornamental and are showing off in my sideboard.

Éénige aankopen #4Éénige aankopen #4I bought this at Hema square clock for € 7.75. I was been looking for ages to a table clock, but clocks I find really very very hard! Just like lamps, with some things for the home you got that. I find clocks just not pretty and I do not want a clock on the wall hanging, table clocks are unfortunately very difficult to find. This small instance was nice, not too noticeable and he fits well in terms of colors on my tv Cabinet. Yes, I like this clock!

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