Éénige purchases # 3

Éénige aankopen #3
I love to wander about flea markets, unfortunately I find there are usually very few fun and especially much, well; clutter. A few weeks back I came upon perhaps the nicest flea market where I’ve ever been! Before I went to Paris I was a weekend in Limburg, where we made a trip to Belgium, to the village of Battice. In Battice you every Sunday to marché couvert de Battice, which means a covered market. That was fine, because it was raining, but even more fun was that I saw something beautiful at almost every stand! In my best (worst) French I got also another euro of the prices, it was really the best flea market trip ever.

Éénige aankopen #3And this I took all along from Battice! Especially a lot of flowers. My first purchase was the most kitsch vase that I have ever seen. I also took three floral paintings and a cute glass vase.

Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3I think a lot of people find this vase horrible, but for me it was love at first sight. A typical valid beautiful ugliness. The PCB of lovely flowers I like very much, and the shape of the vase is also very beautiful. There are three different types of floral prints on. the colors of the flowers fit well in my living room, especially a lot of pink and yellow. I have a lot of small trinket in house and because that soon too much and messy state I want more to larger items, this vase was perfect. Simply think of what I do out there with the little vases were first, because that I find also still very beautiful! I paid twelve euros for this kitschy flower vase.

Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3For months I am looking for no more flowers paintings, prints or posters, but really of paint. In Battice I hit my stroke and I took three paintings with it! The square painting cost twelve euros, I love the full bouquet! The oval paintings were only two euros, and could I really don’t pass up! I don’t see often an oval painting, so the particular form pulled me right. Those with the blue background I find good fit the square painting and those with the brown background fits nicely in the painting that I already have. There I put next to him. Eventually I want to all floral paintings hang together, but I just think if I find for that is not too busy in the living room.

Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3This glass vase I took with it for its form, but above all by the yellow color accents. I have a yellow bottle vase where he fits well. The price of € 2.50 pulled me over the line.

Éénige aankopen #3Éénige aankopen #3I think it’s the other fun vases vase on the windowsill. The window sill is also a favorite spot of Pip, because he can look good out there. The branches with yellow petals I also not so long, these are from Ikea and make this little corner completely. If I lived closer I went much more often by at marché couvert in Battice, if you even close, then I can definitely recommend it to you!

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