Éénige purchases # 14 wood, print and puss

Éénige aankopen #14 Hout, print en poes
Four months ago I left my purchases see, way too long ago again! In that time, there are a lot of new stuff my house received (luckily there also enough stuff out again). I’ll let you be the highlights of the last period.

Éénige aankopen #14 Hout, print en poesÉénige aankopen #14 Hout, print en poesI searched for a good while to a DreamCatcher for in the bedroom, I wanted a DreamCatcher without too much humbug and extras, and preferably completely white. Quite a task as it turned out, because most of the dream catchers are equipped with all kinds of beads, colors and extra mini dreams vangertjes on the side. Not everything I have been looking for. In the world shop I saw besides all that fiddle pendants hang, this quiet variant! This dreamcatcher is white with a few wooden accents, good neutral and natural looking materials. I’m a happy girl.

Éénige aankopen #14 Hout, print en poesI was very fond of my previous plant, but unfortunately he left woefully fast nearly all its leaves fall. Time for a new plant that what better against the shadow can, because in this place next to my closet does not much light. I have this great Swiss cheese plant for quite a while and he’s doing super! So some new leaves (see top right, where a leaf unfolding). Large plants make a real difference in space, look for an empty pot made me sip. I think I will be in my new home a mini jungle make.

Éénige aankopen #14 Hout, print en poesÉénige aankopen #14 Hout, print en poesThis wooden box is my last thrift find. I was there ten minutes before closing time and went so Meanwhile by the store, where my eye fell on this box right away in a theorem. I hadn’t even figured out where I would put it down and if I really needed (no), but I thought it was such a special thing that I afrekende him quickly so that the thrift could people home. I find the carvings very very nice, that you don’t see often. I am always wondering how long someone has been doing there or not. The color is also very nice, he is now on my retro loading table and the colors come out perfectly match. I think something is missing the little button, but I am very happy with this particular find.

Éénige aankopen #14 Hout, print en poesÉénige aankopen #14 Hout, print en poesOn pinterest I came across this picture and I was in love with the print that you see something and you just know that this very nice find and that will take many years. That I had so I could not resolve, only where the print was! I threw out a call on Twitter and dear Sophie had to give me the answer, for which eternal thanks. The print is Ylva Skarp and is called ‘ R’s Rest ‘. The effect of water paint I find beautiful. He is nice and big and of, small frame above the bank make it soon restless is my experience. This print I bought with my new home, where I’d like to make a gallerijmuur with all prints.

Éénige aankopen #14 Hout, print en poesIf last than another picture in which Pip had to come here photobomben. It’s really about the knitted purple pillow with cute wooden buttons. But for this time, the cat steal the show.

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