Éénige purchases # 13 White, gold, purple

Éénige aankopen #13 wit, goud, paars
It has been a long time since I wrote about my purchases. Now I have bought a few last things where I am very happy with it and I like to want to share with you. I bought the side table where I already months in love with ben, a pillow that stole my heart and a glass vase.

Éénige aankopen #13 wit, goud, paarsÉénige aankopen #13 wit, goud, paarsMellow, on table of the brand Leitmotiv I was months ago in love with at a press presentation of PT, where Leitmotiv. I got him but not out of my head. Now I’m so busy with cleaning up I found that I should treat myself on this gift table. I really have something with round shapes. The table is tight, but also has something fashioned by the gold at the bottom of the legs. The engraved table top with a graphic pattern is then again very modern. I love that combination of old and new. Next to the table that I find very beautiful, it is also useful. If I have to visit multiple people, I don’t have enough to the two small side tables that I already had.

Éénige aankopen #13 wit, goud, paarsÉénige aankopen #13 wit, goud, paarsThis Pillow I saw once in a furniture shop and I found the same wonderful, but too expensive (€ 40). Yet this oblong pillow stole my heart, the intense purple color, the playful strips of felt, this had to be on my couch. Weeks I kept an eye on different sites and I hit my stroke when the bol.com throw pillows in the action had with 1 + 1 free. My mother was looking for a deep-purple pillow out and my love was finally to show off on the couch. The color I do not get good in the picture, but he is very dark, like Eggplant Purple. The pillow is called Omar and is the brand K Amsterdam.

Éénige aankopen #13 wit, goud, paarsOkay, it’s not all that useful to instantly after the put away a big part of my vases a new vase to buy, but this one is still too nice? I am so crazy on copper, gold and bronze. This vase has a kind of Golden dip dye and I found the form so beautiful! I couldn’t resist and before I knew it was ie in my digital shopping cart. The vase I bought at H & M home and he fits so well with my new table with its golden bottom!

Éénige aankopen #13 wit, goud, paarsAnd all in all this is than the total picture of my living room. I am so happy with it, everything fits for my feel good together and the colors complement each other. My finest place in house.

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