Éénige purchases # 11

Éénige aankopen #11
I can get back an item from my wishlist from your list, ran into a great print in to the cycle and bought a copper dish that complements the tray that I already had.

Éénige aankopen #11Éénige aankopen #11Éénige aankopen #11Éénige aankopen #11This candle holder: Lup of Hay was already a while on my wishlist. I always thought I would buy him in the copper, but in real life I found I tend more to pink and copper was afraid that he would fit in with the rest of the copper in the home. So I went for the black version. Also very beautiful, so in addition to the black list of the print. And maybe some more timeless.

Éénige aankopen #11Éénige aankopen #11Éénige aankopen #11At the cycle I ran into this print with flowers at. It is a poster that is pasted on a piece of mdf. As a result, I am not framing, but it is sometimes convenient, for he remains easy on the ground. He is quite heavy which I dare not to hang him, but I find him very nice stand, so on the ground. The print is nice and big and reminds me of the work of Rachel Ruysch, where I like very much.

Éénige aankopen #11Éénige aankopen #11Éénige aankopen #11Éénige aankopen #11Éénige aankopen #11The tray I had been around for a while, though I bought recently a larger version at the V & D, what nicer is relative to the table. Moments later, I saw there is also this matching Tealight holder/Bowl/vase, what is it anyway? I like it very much because it is made of the same material and has the exact same color. I think tray should not be fuller, though I would prefer him completely full of fun knick knacks.

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