China Cabinets

One of the nicest places in home I find the dresser cupboard in the kitchen. I like all dishes, cups and plates that can be seen through the glass doors. Crockery is just fun to watch, in a Cabinet or display cabinet comes the crockery to his right. Your lovely crockery may be seen! Sounds a China Cabinet old-fashioned? There are also modern variants.

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ServieskastenServieskastenServieskastenServieskastenServieskastenServieskastenServieskastenYour ordinary kitchen cabinets can serve as a China cabinet if you replace the doors closet doors with glass. Take a real old crockery or sideboard or use a modern display cabinet for storing your crockery. Because it is in sight, it is recommended to fill the Cabinet with dishes that fit together in terms of color or shape. The dishes have certainly not of one line to be (not, I would say!). White crockery and glassware in a white Cabinet looks very quiet, near a colored or dark background really jumps your tableware.

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