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Bezig bij de bouw
It’s probably not news if you like my blog already follows, (I’ve been there just about always about) I bought a house in a new development and construction has begun! There is now exactly 6 weeks built and I’m amazed at what’s already been all done. It goes a lot faster than I thought! The corpse me nice to you to carry in the whole process, today part I built so far, out of lawn to ground floor.

Bezig bij de bouwBezig bij de bouwBezig bij de bouwBezig bij de bouw

I’ve already seen so many construction sites, you watch there not really on, there a few times will cycle along and all of a sudden there is a shop or House. How different is it when that construction site is the place where your first own home get listed! Before construction began, I have a few times already looked, how is the location and the neighborhood? Although the new housing development built over is nice, I will be living in a quiet spot, in front of a bank. What I found exciting when there fences to the grass, the building would almost start. Less than a week later, everything was already excavated the formwork for the foundations there. I could see exactly which part of me would be by the development that I chose. The first time I went looking during construction I was so full of pride and disbelief, this spot is really from me, in a few months I’m going to live here!

Bezig bij de bouwBezig bij de bouwMoments later, the Foundation was ready, that I did not live. The bottom photo is posted on a facebook group for this project. I try to look at least once a week, but now I’m living on the other side of the city. I often go just before or after my work, which is closer to the peaks. Now it is so dark early is I can no longer look after my work, so I’ll have some more often ‘ just ‘ need to go along.

Bezig bij de bouwBezig bij de bouwBezig bij de bouwThere is now pressure worked on the interior walls, the last two pictures I made today. Jeez John, what does this very quickly! On the bottom picture you see my house, so crazy. It seems very nice to agree, all the photos I make through the holes in the fences back, but I would like to see the likes of closer. The French Windows on the side of the garden there are just all in and the stones for the second floor are all ready. I’m glad that its not really winter weather, thereby building on the shoot.

When I was about three years ago to this apartment moved from my parents ‘ House found you like to look with ‘ Meanwhile with the jobs ‘.  Pictures of a house under construction, which is not yours, it seems to me a bit boring in the end. Therefore, I will occasionally give an update on how far it is with the building, but also about where I am working on. Choosing the floor, kitchen and bathroom, for example, and preparing for the move. I’ve been looking forward to it!

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