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On the woonbeurs I scoffed them everywhere, boxes, cabinets. And now wants one, so only I can think of no place. What I like about boxes cabinets is that you can store in a lot, but they don’t log boxes by the open eyes. You can be your most beautiful books, vases and other collectibles in lost, each with its own box so they get extra attention.

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VakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenVakkenkastenThere are fixed boxes cabinets, and cabinets that you can put together yourself with loose cubes. This allows you the closet as big or small as you like. I’m charmed by a smaller Cabinet, but you can even fill the entire wall with a locker. Please notice that not every box you completely full stops, then it quickly looks messy. Boxes boxes are a bit playful and I find that there is so much fun to. The shape of the Cabinet itself is a picture, with your own accessories make you something unique, and you can continue to Exchange every time!

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